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Hubei Qiu's Energy-Saving Building Materials High-tech Co.Ltd

Headquarters Address: 9/F, Building 2, Pell Center, 26 Binhu Road, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Phone: 0086-027-87269988

Production Base: No. 9 Hongdong Road, Qiankou Management District, Qianjiang City, Hubei Province

Phone: 0086-0728-6203456

History of business development

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Chairman Qiu Yingxing taught himself paintmanship.


In accordance with the conditions of the reform and opening up in 1979, after going to Guangzhou to study in the south, he made paints and opened stores specializing in paints and coatings.


In January, Mr. Qiu Yingxing, the father of Mr. Qiu Yingxing, who invested in Taiwan, invested 300,000 US dollars. Mr. Qiu Yingxing, the eldest son living in the mainland, was appointed to establish Qiu (Hubei) Coatings Co., Ltd. in the site of the Zekou Economic Development Zone in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province. In October of the same year, the leaders of the four leaders of Qianjiang City participated and laid the foundation of the mayor under the auspices of the mayor, Mr. Wang Zehong.


On November 21, the company was awarded the ISO9001 quality management system certification.


In August, the company invested in funds and technical strength to successfully develop QS building thermal insulation mortar products and officially put into production.

On October 28th, the furniture decoration paint produced by the company won the China National Compulsory Environmental Protection Standard Product Certification.


In December, the company's “Dia Li” trademark was assessed as a famous trademark of Hubei Province by the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.


On July 11, the company's independent intellectual property rights research and development of water-based series of coatings won the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification."

On September 18th, it was awarded the “Class II Qualification Certificate for Building Decoration and Decoration Engineering” and “Second Qualification Certificate for Anti-corrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering” issued by the Construction Department of Hubei Province.

On December 30, Chongqing Branch was established in the Northern New District of Chongqing.


On May 22, Wuhan Branch was established in Wuhan.


On April 23, the exclusive compilation of the “Atlas of QS Building Thermal Insulation and Thermal Insulation System Construction Architecture in Central South China”.


On September 1, Hubei Qiu's Energy-saving Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. was established in Qianjiang, Hubei.

In September, the company invested in funds and technical strength to successfully develop QS composite molding board and QS insulation layer insulation coating.


On September 1st, QS building thermal insulation mortar products developed by independent intellectual property rights were awarded national invention patents.

On September 8th, the QS building thermal insulation mortar project was listed by the Ministry of Construction as the 2010 national construction industry scientific and technological achievements promotion project.

On December 10, Changsha Qiu's Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. was established in Changsha City, Hunan Province.


On June 20th, the newly expanded 20,000 square meters of new plant area was put into use.

On June 27th, the “QS Building Insulation Mortar System” project was listed as a project for the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province in 2011.

On July 6, the QS insulation layer thermal insulation coating product developed by independent intellectual property rights won the national invention patent certificate.

On August 2, it was awarded the “Safe Production License” issued by Hubei Provincial Safety Production Supervision Administration.


On May 30th, the company participated in the industry standard of “Technical Regulations for External Thermal Insulation Engineering” of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


On January 9, applied for a patent for the invention of composite molding plates.

In August, Qiu's high-tech became the governing unit of the “Building Science and Technology” of the Science and Technology Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

On August 10th, Qiu's paint won the bid for the large-scale coating project of CSR South China Garden.

On October 16, the QS graphite molded board composite insulation system developed by independent intellectual property rights passed the expert appraisal of the Provincial Construction Department.

On October 25th, the “Graphite Molding Plate Composite Insulation System” project was listed as the 2013 Science and Technology Achievements Promotion Project of Hubei Province.

In November, QS graphite molded board insulation system was selected into the National Academy of Sciences PKPM building energy-saving design software library.


On March 25th, the company's new media project was launched, and Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and WeChat platforms were launched simultaneously.

On July 1, Qiu's Gaoxin was officially promulgated and implemented by the Wuhan Building Energy Conservation Office, the "Technical Regulations for Graphite Molded Polystyrene Board Exterior Wall Insulation Engineering".

On July 3, Qiu Gaoxin was successfully listed on the Hubei Wuhan Equity Trust Center.

On July 8, Qiu Shi Gaoxin became the only officially authorized strategic partnership of BASF Neopor insulation board in Central China.

On August 26th, the Wuhan headquarters moved to the centralized office of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone.

On September 12th, the new official website was officially launched.

On October 14th, QS graphite molded board insulation system products won the honorary title of “Building Energy Star” at the 2014 Shanghai International Green Exhibition.

On October 22nd, QS graphite molding plate products developed by independent intellectual property rights won the national invention patent certificate.

On November 29th, QS graphite molding board won the National Building Thermal Insulation Product Quality Award.

In November, the company specially edited the special design of the national QS graphite molded plate insulation system architectural design and construction.

In November, it was assessed as the province-level tax credit A-level taxpayer for 2012-2013.

On December 20th, Qiu's Gaoxin attended the first national hot green building materials and equipment application technology forum in the summer of 2014.

In December, QS graphite molding board won the “National Building Thermal Insulation Industry Product Quality Award”.


In January, he joined the Science and Technology Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and was elected as the executive director of the Board of Construction Technology.

On January 15th, Qiu Shigao was promoted to the Standing Committee of the National Thermal Energy Conservation Committee of the National Energy Conservation Association.

On March 2nd, the company presented on-site awards to outstanding employees in 2014 at the summary and commendation meeting, giving different awards to different levels, and awarded 100,000 yuan for employees who made outstanding contributions to encourage.

On March 11th, Qiu's high-tech “Dia Li” won the “Hubei Famous Trademark”.

On April 28th, Qiu Shigao attended the National External Wall Insulation Technology Exchange Conference held in Chongqing.

In May, the composite molded nano-board and its preparation method won the "Science and Technology Progress Award" certificate.

In May, it was assessed as the 2014 provincial tax credit A-level taxpayer.

On May 14th, the BASF Neopor® technology exchange held by Qiu Shixin was held at the Wuhan Zhongnan Design Institute.

On July 6, Changsha Branch was established in Changsha.

On August 20th, Qiu's Gaoxin signed an investment agreement in Qianjiang City, and signed a land acquisition agreement with the national industrial park of the total mouth farm for 60 mu (excluding the area with land acquisition), and will build a new annual production of 695,000 m3 graphite. Board production line construction project.

On August 27th, QS graphite molding board won the “National Building Thermal Insulation Industry Quality Inspection Qualified Product” certification.

On September 23, it was awarded the “National Building Thermal Insulation Industry Technology Innovation Enterprise” certificate.

On October 10th, the company won the bid for the “Jianrong Garden” large-scale real stone paint thermal insulation coating project.

On November 06, Qiu's Gaoxin attended the second session of the Passive Green Building Forum in the hot summer and cold winter regions of China.

On December 28th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Qiu's high-tech new plant was held. The QS graphite molding plate and the supporting product QS insulation layer thermal insulation coating production line were put into construction.


On January 31st, Qiu’s high-tech “Grateful Hearts Thank You” annual meeting was held.

On March 1, Qiu's high-tech passed the high-tech enterprise certification of Hubei Province and was identified as a high-tech enterprise.

On March 8, Tony Stall, vice president of the US-based Dryvit, inspected Qiu's high-tech cooperation and reached a preliminary cooperation consensus. This is the first move of Qiu's high-tech advancement into the international market.

In May, Qiu's high-tech production base introduced a new real stone paint latex paint complete social security. This is the second new automatic paint production line from injection to filling in China.

On May 10th, Qiu's high-tech Neoper® graphite molded plate insulation system attracted the Hubei Provincial Building Energy Conservation Association.

On May 11th, green building materials promoted the construction of green cities - Wuhan Building Energy Conservation Association investigated and investigated Qiu's high-tech.

On May 12th, Wuhan Construction Industry Association added Qiu's high-tech to one of the key targets of Wuhan Construction Industry Association to support enterprise transformation and upgrading.

On May 31, Qiu Shixin took the “Wuhan Construction Industry Transformation and Upgrading” wave to the Yichang Guangsheng Construction Group to observe and exchange.

On June 17, Qiu's high-tech and Wuhan Enliben Model Co., Ltd. officially signed a brand strategic cooperation agreement, which is a technical marriage under the trend of green building industry integration.

In June, the Qiu Shigao Hubei Branch celebrated high performance and all employees traveled to Thailand for sightseeing.

On July 22, Liu Kaichun, deputy secretary general of the provincial party committee and director of the provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, visited and inspected our production base.

On August 16, Qiu (Hubei) Coating Co., Ltd. was selected as an outstanding enterprise in the construction industry in Wuhan in 2014-2015; General Manager Deng Zaizhou was selected as an outstanding entrepreneur in the construction industry in Wuhan in 2014-2015; Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director Qiu Jieru Selected as the outstanding chief engineer of the construction industry in Wuhan in 2014-2015; Zhang Tao, Xiong Yingguo, manager of the engineering department, Zhang Weiming and Duan Hailong, the backbone of the engineering department, were selected as the outstanding construction engineers (project manager) of the construction industry in Wuhan in 2014-2015.

In August, Qiu's High-tech was opened by the Ministry of Commerce to carry out project cost control activities in depth.

On September 5th, Qiu's Gaoxin Hubei Branch held its 2016 mid-summary meeting.

On September 28th, Qiu Gaoxin participated in the special lecture on “Confusion, Path and Case Analysis of the Reform of Equity Circulation Reform of Construction Enterprises” by Wuhan Construction Industry Association.

On October 14th, "Qianjiang Construction Industry Association and Qiu's High-tech Building Energy-saving New Materials Promotion Conference" was held in Qianqi City Qixi Hotel. BASF Neopor® attracted Qianjiang City Economic and Information Committee, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Municipal Housing Construction Committee. 16 functional departments and large construction enterprises including the Municipal Energy Conservation Office, the Municipal Real Estate Bureau and the Municipal Construction Management Office participated.

On October 19th, Qiu Shigao won the Bronze Award in the 2016 National Construction Cup Wuhan Construction Industry Standardized Operation Video Contest. Won the top ten subcontracting units of the first “general subcontracting mutual evaluation” of Wuhan Construction Industry.

On November 15, Qiu Hi-tech, as a permanent member of the Wuhan Construction Industry Association, was invited to study and visit and exchange in Qingzhou, South Korea.

On December 23, “Promoting transformation and upgrading, building new private enterprises”, Wuhan Construction Industry Association re-entered Qiu’s inspection.

On December 29th, Qiu won the bid for the joint venture and Golden Harbor Phase III project.


On April 1st, Qiu's Brand Department's copy was awarded the title of “2016 Hubei Building Energy Conservation Association Excellent General Manager”

On May 2nd, "Qiu's Reading" was published in the spring of 2017. On May 4th, Qiu participated in the transformation and upgrading summit forum of private construction enterprises in Wuhan, and talked about the construction industry big coffee and experts.

On May 10th, Qiu’s mission on the day of “China Brand Day” was to develop and produce eco-friendly, healthy and energy-saving products; to serve the Chinese people with diamond-like quality and business credit!

On May 24th, Qiu won the bid for the external thermal insulation project of the first phase of Guanggu Yuecheng.

On May 27th, Qiu’s quarterly excellent staff selection and awards were given to outstanding employees.

On May 27th, Qiu held the "Bai Xiao Xiao Xian" theme "Lang Reader" competition to promote the "filial piety" culture.

On June 5th, World Environment Day, Qiu was committed to energy conservation and environmental protection, and carried out various activities to emphasize the importance of protecting and improving the human environment.

On June 16th, “I am really working hard to create peace, and all the people are involved in prevention.” Qiu’s call for the National Security Month is to actively create a safe production atmosphere, improve employees’ awareness of safety and preventive activities, and actively carry out a series of work that is effective. The ground has improved the safety production work of Qiu.

On July 25, Qiu won the 2015-2016 Wuhan AAA Credit Enterprise.

On August 14th, all staff training, the establishment of a learning organization; innovation management, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market - the second phase of the Qiu quality control activities.

On November 20th, the Qiu's Brand Department's copy was awarded the honorary title of “2009 Excellent Association of Wuhan Construction Industry Association”.


On January 28, the invention patent certificate for the integrated thermal insulation coating composite board was obtained.

On March 25th, Qiu Shigao was awarded the title of “Excellent Supplier Unit” by the China Building Materials Market Association Project Bidding and Purchasing Branch.

On March 27th, Qiu's “Building Reflective Thermal Insulation Coatings” entered the Sichuan building energy-saving market.

On June 15th, Qiu’s new high-tech factory “production line trial production.

On September 15th, the new factory was completed with the release of new products and the CCTV old story "Industrial Craftsman Spirit", the opening ceremony celebration.


On March 29th, Qiu Shigao opened up overseas markets – signed a successful contract with Vietnam Seiko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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