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Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the professional development path, winning the trust of customers with the company's unique R&D institutions, excellent product quality, and integrated product and service concepts. It has won the honors of “China Famous Brand”, “China's 30 Painted Resilience Building Materials Products”, “Hubei Famous Trademark”, “Hubei Province Tax A-level Certificate” and “Hubei Credit AA Grade Enterprise”.

1. Focus on architectural coatings for 20 years. The annual production capacity of texture paint and latex paint reaches 300,000 tons, and production has achieved industrial automation.


2. Pioneer in green building insulation technology. Qiu has deep technical exchanges and cooperation with many international companies such as BASF in Germany, Bayer Chemical in Germany, 3M Company in the United States and Changxing in Taiwan. It has become the first authorized strategic partner of Neufor in Central Europe. QS graphite molding plate insulation system and QS insulation layer insulation coating developed by independent intellectual property rights have both obtained Chinese national invention patents (patent number: ZL201310007181.6, ZL200910061883.6) and were evaluated as high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province in 2015. The annual production capacity of Qiu's thermal insulation graphite molded sheet and EPS polystyrene sheet is 600,000 cubic meters; insulation coating series, latex paint, elastic latex paint, imitation granite paint, imitation marble paint The annual production capacity of rock chip paint and texture paint is 300,000 tons.

In terms of thermal insulation, we introduced Neopor technology from BASF, the world's number one chemical industry, and took the lead in research and development of QS graphite molded board insulation system with independent intellectual property rights. In 2015, we developed and developed high-rise buildings according to local architecture design in Wuhan, Hubei. Neopor paper gypsum composite board" interior wall insulation system.

In terms of coatings, we have developed insulation coatings with thermal reflection function on the one hand, and introduced the world's advanced production line of real stone paint and latex paint equipment on the other hand. All raw and auxiliary materials except for real stone particles are supplied by BASF. The product quality is leading domestically.


3. Excellent core competitiveness. As a professional subcontracting company, Qiu has continuously improved its management capabilities, cultivated excellent professional and technical personnel, and used mechanical equipment to improve its professional construction capabilities. Stable excellent management and technical personnel to become fixed personnel; in 2016, we introduced 2 senior professional titles in the industry, 8 intermediate titles, and 22 employees who have obtained certificates and are currently certified; The labor force is managed by the difference in technical management capabilities; the core competitiveness of professional construction capacity is improved.

4. Cost control to improve profitability and productivity. According to the cost target, each person in the project department is quantified and refined, and each person's responsibility is clearly defined from the system, and the object and scope of cost control are clarified. From the aspects of personnel arrangement, material control, and mechanical rationalization arrangement, cost control is carried out, quality is strictly controlled during the construction process, and quality inspection personnel at all levels are designated, fixed, and responsibilities, so that quality management work runs through the whole process of the project. The project can be formed once and qualified once, to prevent the occurrence of rework, and to avoid the increase of engineering costs due to unnecessary investment of people, finances and materials, and to achieve the purpose of ensuring project benefits.

5. Safe production. Strictly implement the "Safe Production Law" as the main line, adhere to the "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management" policy, strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility, increase safety publicity and education, and regularly carry out safety production inspections and safety on a regular basis. Hidden troubles are investigated and managed. In addition to safety technology, safety training, and learning, Qiu's construction safety management work is also a key to the practical follow-up of on-site safety control. Through the department to carry out irregular inspections on the actual construction of each project, follow-up on the safety risks and management of each project, and pragmatically sort out and promote the effective rectification of each project. The fundamental concept of "safety is life" is truly shared and shared by all of us. We must arouse the awareness of each employee that "violation is an accident", and work and be cautious. Infiltrate our concept of safety culture into the minds of every employee and truly achieve intrinsic safety.

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6. Good construction quality. Qiu adheres to the “model” approach and quality return visit system, and serves the owners with high-quality service and excellent engineering quality to maintain the company's good brand image. Through regular inspections, random inspections, strict supervision, tracking services, comprehensive implementation of quality management responsibilities, the quality hazards are eliminated in the bud. In order to improve the quality of the business, we put the responsibility education and professional ethics education in an important position, and comprehensively control the quality management of the company.

7, high efficiency and resilience. Qiu’s right to deal with changes granted by the general contractor is used to improve efficiency. Qiu’s professional project management can make more use of manpower and equipment resources, increase production efficiency and increase profits, thus increasing the ability to resist risks. . For the society, the specialized division of labor makes the use of resources more efficient, the excess consumption is reduced, the basic construction capacity is improved, and the direct production material consumption is reduced, which becomes profit storage. Social production development always develops towards the more efficient use of resources.

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