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Exceeding customer expectations 360 worry-free service

Improve the seven powerful service systems to provide customers with comprehensive, multi-level, three-dimensional quality services

Marketing System - The company provides customers with project inspection, engineering exhibition halls, product promotion meetings and supporting materials, etc., and builds a solid bridge for customers to cooperate fully with the company to jointly develop the engineering market.

CEO Support System - The company provides full-time CEO marketing staff to assist customers in marketing, project inspection and reception. Provide professional project information for customers, comprehensively cooperate with customers to do pre-project data collection, project feasibility analysis, project public relations and other work, to provide objective, real and accurate data for customer decision-making.

Wind Control Support System - The company provides professional project budget services, effective cost control support, and provides professional legal consultation and risk aversion services for project contracts.

Project Support System——The company pays close attention to the growth of customers, and provides customers with professional project proofing production, on-site management talents and professional construction team output services, technical services, safety measures guidance, project landing, etc. Orderly operation of the project.

Technical support system - The company is willing to share the innovative research and development results of the industry's advanced scientific research platform with customers, and provide professional guidance services such as high-tech engineering technology and project construction management to customers at any time. The project construction site will not regularly inspect and implement the service system to improve product quality and technology. perfect combination.

Functional Service System - According to customer demand information, the company's various functional support teams provide timely assistance to relevant technologies such as docking technology, production, business, legal affairs, marketing, project management, and construction teams. Reduce intermediate reporting and approval, improve response speed, and ensure comprehensive, thoughtful and efficient service.

After-sales service system - track and record all construction projects (including completed projects) of customers, implement quarterly, annual inspection, observation and verification systems during product warranty period, and compile and record relevant project maintenance files for project owners. Provide professional maintenance and problem rectification measures to ensure that owners enjoy worry-free product services and establish a good image of integrity.

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