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Qius high-tech 2016 August report will be held perfectly

Release date:2016-09-05 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

With the further deepening of the company's personnel system reform and the implementation of the performance appraisal system, as an important part of the democratic appraisal staff process, the staff's debriefing is increasingly showing its important significance. The debriefing system allows employees to identify their own positions, systematize their work, summarize and analyze completed work through debriefing, and identify gaps and gaps in various departments and individuals to continuously improve leadership and management skills. purpose.

On September 3, 2016, Hubei Qiu's Energy-saving Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Hubei Branch's August 2016 report was held at the business headquarters as scheduled. Zhang Chunmei, manager of the administrative department, Chen Man, assistant to the general manager, and Li Xianlong, deputy manager of the Ministry of Commerce. Zhang Tao, the manager of the engineering department, made a report on the performance of the duties of the four departments. The staff of the branch attended the meeting. The general manager Deng Zaizhou, the vice chairman and technical director Qiu Jieru, and the deputy general manager An Weihong and other senior executives. Leadership satisfaction assessment.


Administrative Department Manager Zhang Chunmei


Administrative Department Manager Zhang Chunmei


Li Xianlong, deputy manager of the Ministry of Commerce



Engineering Manager Zhang Tao

After the four departments' main responsible persons reported their reports, the leaders made a satisfactory evaluation of their work contents in August, and conducted a comprehensive and detailed examination of the theoretical level, cultural accomplishment and business ability of the staff members. The department's September work plan also highlighted the focus of work, guiding the direction of the work of each department in September. Participants were deeply impressed by the guiding significance of the report, and the company will further implement the debriefing activities. Further improve the quality of employees and promote the scientific, democratic and institutionalized work of employees.

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