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Qianjiang Construction Industry Association, Qius High-tech Building Energy-saving New Materials Promotion Conference

Release date:2016-10-14 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:


Energy-saving new materials and technologies play an important role in saving energy, alleviating the crisis of energy consumption, improving people's quality of life and improving environmental quality. New energy-saving materials and technologies are generated along with the international energy crisis. In recent years, China's construction industry has developed rapidly, but this development is based on high energy consumption and low output. According to the survey data, China's construction industry is currently developing at an average annual rate of 2 billion square meters, but at the same time, building energy consumption has also accounted for 27.5% of the social terminal energy consumption. From the perspective of the current development of China's construction industry, the wide application of new energy-saving materials and new technologies is also necessary.

On October 14, 2016, "Qianjiang City Construction Industry Association Qiu's High-tech Building Energy-saving New Materials Promotion Conference" was held in Qianqi City Qixi Hotel.


From Hubei Building Energy Conservation Association, Qianjiang Construction Industry Association, Qianjiang City Economic and Information Committee, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Housing Construction Committee, Municipal Energy Conservation Office, Municipal Real Estate Bureau, Municipal Construction Management Office, Municipal Wall Office, and Municipal Construction Market Management Station More than 70 people from the municipal quality supervision station, the municipal map review office, the city design institute, the Guanghua Construction Committee, the Municipal Planning Bureau, the New District Construction Bureau and other large-scale construction enterprises were invited to attend the promotion meeting.


The meeting was hosted by Deng Zaizhou, general manager of Qiu's high-tech and introduced important guests.


Qiu Jieru, vice chairman and technical director of Qiu Gaoxin, first introduced and displayed the new products of this promotion conference. The new products promoted this time are cooperated with BASF, the world's top chemical giant, and produced by the company. Patented product Neopor® raw and auxiliary materials, graphite molded board for building energy-saving products researched and developed by the company's independent intellectual property rights, obtained national invention patent, building energy-saving and environmental protection water-based products thermal insulation coating obtained national invention patent, won the "national thermal insulation quality "Qualified products" certificate, "Graphite Molding Board Product Quality Award" certificate, "National Building Thermal Insulation Industry Technology Innovation Enterprise" certificate, "National Building Energy Saving Star Award" and other honors.

Mr. Deng then added the convenience of the two products of Neopor® and reflective thermal insulation coatings to people's living environment from the perspective of customer use. With the rapid development of the social economy, people are increasingly demanding living environment, and Neopor® has:

Excellent quality (double patented products, up to German DIN4102B1 standard and Chinese GB8624-2012B1 standard)

Fire safety (real B1 grade material, can reach grade A after compounding)

Superior sound insulation (elastically treated Neopor® improves sound insulation of buildings by 15 decibels)

Eco-friendly (Neopor® does not contain CFC, HBCD or other harmful flame retardants)

Durable (Neopor® has the advantage of anti-aging and anti-corrosion)

Easy to handle (fast construction, no dust during processing, no skin irritation)

Can let the majority of users enjoy the most comfortable living environment. Reflective thermal insulation coatings extend the life of traditional coatings and ensure the safety of users.

Mr. Deng stated that Qiu Shigao has always adhered to the philosophy of “Bing Qiu’s group training and building a hundred-year brand”, focusing on architectural coatings for 20 years, and has never done product promotion before. Only * product quality, industry reputation, insist on conscience products, Be assured of products and walk in the forefront of building materials, and has been highly recognized by companies such as China Construction and China Railway.


Peng Dezhu, Secretary General of the Building Energy Conservation Association of Hubei Province, gave a special speech on “Green Development of Building Insulation Materials” as a special guest. Secretary Peng’s policy on green development, green insulation materials and evaluation marks and application of building insulation materials In-depth explanation. Secretary Peng stressed that summer heat insulation is an important part of the construction industry in Hubei Province. It is necessary to vigorously promote thermal insulation and energy-saving products, and Qiu's high-tech Neopor® has already had favorable conditions for large-scale promotion. Secretary Peng’s opinion on the promotion of Neopor® has the following insights:

1. Market environment: The government optimizes and rationalizes the mechanism to achieve high quality and high prices in the market, and the association will do related promotion work.

2. Fiscal and taxation policies: The state currently advocates green buildings, and will implement tax incentives and financial support for green building materials in the later period.

3, technical standards: support by regulations, survival of the fittest, restrictions on non-standard products.


Wang Chunlan, the former deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, is a witness to Qiu’s witness from its founding to development. Secretary Wang recalled that Qiu was the first Taiwan-funded enterprise to settle down in Qianjiang. It is not a simple twenty years since the Qianjiang River reform and opening up 30 years step by step to the listing of the new four boards, to the country, and to international cooperation! During this period, Qiu’s insistence on product quality is inseparable from the support of the municipal party committee and the construction industry colleagues for Qiu’s! Now, Qiu's development of building energy-saving new products and the introduction of new German technologies are the beginning of reform and innovation! Secretary Wang even sent a message to Qiu's high-tech: I hope that the construction industry and the government will pay more attention to, care for and support Qiu. Qiu's high-tech should take the road of building energy-saving with new ideas and new ideas, and contribute to the well-being of the people of Qianjiang! I hope that in the next 20 years, I can witness the more brilliant Qiu!


Subsequently, the president of the Municipal Building Association, Guan Hongfa, the director of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, the director of the Municipal Real Estate Bureau, Director Yang, the director of the Municipal Construction Management Office, He Qingxue, and the director of the Municipal Wall Office, Meng Fanzhen, spoke successively, and the future application prospects of Qiu’s new products are I am very much looking forward to it, and have provided valuable advice on the development of Qiu, and have said that such a good product will spare no effort to recommend.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Qiu Yingxing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qiu Gaoxin, expressed sincere gratitude and warm welcome to the guests! He also expressed his gratitude for the achievements of today's reform and opening up policy. He is grateful to the leaders of the Qianjiang Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the Municipal Development Zone, the municipal departments and the retired city leaders, and the leaders of various functional departments. Qiu's ancestral training, family training, thanks to the support and help of leaders and friends! Qiu will continue to work hard with a grateful heart and dedication, and develop the company into a well-known brand in the industry. The joint-stock group enterprise, the ancestral training, and the century-old brand, make the enterprise for the economic development of Qianjiang City. Some contributions. Also, please leaders, friends and friends, through today's promotion meeting, establish a good cooperative relationship with the company, form a win-win circular economy mechanism of mutual understanding, mutual support, equality and mutual benefit, and common development, and implement the "construction economy." The law-abiding citizens of the Energy Law, law-abiding enterprises, to realize the mutual support of Qianjiang enterprises advocated by Hu Shuji, use the products produced by Qianjiang enterprises, support the economic development of Qianjiang enterprises, support the economic development of Qianjiang, and work together with one heart and one mind. Go hand in hand and seek common development!

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