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[Heavy] Qius high-tech won the bronze medal of the 2016 National Construction Cup Wuhan Construction Industry Site Standard Operation Video Contest

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

Qiu's high-tech won the bronze medal of the 2016 National Construction Cup Wuhan Construction Industry Site Standard Operation Video Contest


On October 19th, 2016, Hubei Qiu's Energy-saving Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. returned from the 2016 “National Building Cup” Wuhan Construction Industry Construction Site Standard Operation Video Contest. This grand event, Qiu Gaoxin and the world's top chemical industry The cooperation between the giant BASF company and the introduction of the patented product of the company's original and auxiliary materials, Neopor®, combined with the excellent construction process, won the unanimous approval of the jury and the voting audience, and stood out from the 43 participating units. Into the finals, and won the bronze medal in this video contest.                                                                                                


In 2016, “Hubei National Construction Cup” Wuhan Construction Industry Construction Site Standardized Operation Video Contest was promoted by Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee and Wuhan Construction Industry Association to further strengthen quality awareness, promote artisan spirit, pay attention to detail management, and create process excellence. "Two-year action for quality control", insisting on standardization and standardization throughout the whole process of construction and production, and creating a strong atmosphere of "a hundred years of planning, quality first", and organized a video contest. The conference set 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.


In the contest evaluation, the jury has doubts about the video content of our company - "What are the advantages of Neopor® plasterboard in the current insulation system?" Qiu Jieru, vice chairman and technical director of Qiu Gaoxin, is full of confidence. Responsive response: “Neopor® plaster gypsum composite board is a better system that meets the current double standards of building fire protection requirements and energy saving requirements in our country. Its main features are easy construction and meet the national standard GB50016. The fire protection requirements, the purpose of this video is to promote the construction node and construction process of the system.” The jury finally evaluated Qiu’s high-tech: it is the only participating video enterprise in building energy-saving category, which also shows the current energy-saving of buildings. The quality of construction is difficult to guarantee. In the past cases, foreign products are often used very well abroad, but it is prone to problems after being introduced into the country. The new products displayed by Qiu not only introduce German raw materials, but also inherit the rigorous, standardized and standard construction process of Germany, which is worthy of study of building energy-saving construction enterprises.


In the end, Qiu's high-tech awards with a high score of 83.5 are really expected. It is also an affirmation of Qiu's by experts, scholars and judges. "The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down!" In the future, our company will not be supported and loved by the industry and customers, keep in mind the mission of the company, make persistent efforts, contribute to the building energy conservation cause, and bring more perfect products and considerate services to our customers.

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