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Qius high-tech accompanying Wuhan Construction Association went to South Korea to exchange studies

Release date:2016-11-15 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

       On November 9-13, 2016, at the invitation of the Qingzhou Municipal Government of South Korea and the Chungcheongbuk-do Construction Association, with the support and cooperation of the Qingzhou-based Hantong Business Office, the Wuhan Construction Industry Association organized a group of 9 members to study in Cheongju, South Korea. With the exchange of visits, Qiu Hi-tech is honored as an honorary member of the Association. Also attending are the Deputy Secretary-General of the Association Li Hongqing, China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Construction Third Bureau First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Good Group, China Construction Technology Wuhan Co., Ltd., etc.


Sino-Korean friendship and cooperation, sister city relationship

It is reported that Wuhan City and Qingzhou City have become sister-friendly cities as early as 2000. The two sides have carried out many exchanges in economic, cultural, educational and business fields. In 2015, under the witness of Mayor Li Chengxun of Qingzhou City and Vice Mayor of Wuhan Wang Li, Vice President Li Yulei of Wuhan Construction Industry Association and Chairman Li Shanyu of Zhongqing North Road Construction Association signed a memorandum of cooperation at Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan.


The study and exchange study was highly valued and warmly received by the Qingzhou Municipal Government and the Chungcheongbuk-do Construction Association. Mayor Li Chengxun, the director of the Municipal Economic and Investment Bureau, Shen Dongwu and other government departments held a grand reception ceremony for the arrival of the delegation. The chairman of the Chungcheongbuk-do Construction Association, Mr. Li Shanyu, together with his wife, vice president, operating committee and association staff, formed a strong welcome team to hold a welcome and dinner dinner for the delegation and arranged a five-day study tour.


Korean exterior wall insulation system compared to Qiu's external wall insulation

On November 10th, the delegation visited the LG Han Xingongying Commercial and Residential Building Project accompanied by Mr. Jin Zaijia and the Director of Cui Ronggen, the Zhongqing North Road Association Affairs Office. The project is a 49-story super high-rise residence in Qingzhou. South Korea's external wall insulation is basically all external wall insulation system; the material wall part is made of graphite polystyrene board, and the joints are filled with spray polyurethane. The workmanship is excellent. The hot and cold bridge is made of PF (phenolic) graphite board and then the sticker surface. Gypsum board; doors and windows are all double-layer hollow insulating glass inside and outside; the outer wall decoration is stretched and cast once, which is both beautiful and safe. Deng Zaizhou, general manager of Qiu’s high-tech, said that “the construction process and materials can be described as rigorous, pragmatic and refined.”


Qiu Shigaoxin cooperates with BASF, the world's top chemical giant, to use the company's patented product Neopor® raw and auxiliary materials. The building energy-saving product graphite molding board developed by the company's independent intellectual property rights is currently developed in Korea and the world. The country's façade insulation materials are used. Its excellent insulation effect and environmental performance are favored by the Korean building wall industry!


Visiting and visiting companies such as well-known Korean construction companies

On the 10th, the delegation visited the LG Han Xingongying Commercial and Residential Building Project, the environmentally friendly PVC floor of the Yushan Plant, the PF thermal insulation board, and the artificial marble production line to understand its construction process. The construction quality, finished product protection, safety protection, equipment management, on-site civilized construction, anti-noise wall and so on have left a deep impression on everyone.


On the morning of the 11th, the delegation visited the ALC lightweight bubble concrete production plant and visited the composite floor production line, the phenolic insulation board production line and the artificial marble production line. The plant's lightweight concrete block (board) has a daily output of 4,000 cubic meters. The factory uses only 25 production workers, all of which are fully automated production lines, and the entire plant site is spotless. Deng Zaizhou, general manager of Qiu’s high-tech, said: “The scale of production, modernization, digitization, diversification and industrialization of Korea has made me feel ashamed. The spirit of standardization, rigor, precision and innovation of others has shocked me! I don’t look down on myself. Self, we should face ourselves and we need to go a long way!"


On the afternoon of the 11th, the delegation went to Jinwangyu to visit the Technical Education College of the Chungcheongbuk-do Association.


He also visited the birth and development of the Qingzhou National Museum, the former President Bezhuang Qingnantai and the Korean metal type printing technology, which enhanced the understanding of Korean culture, history and politics.

The beauty of the exotic world is fascinating, and the state of etiquette benefits greatly.

Located in the central part of South Korea, Cheongju is a historic city with a long history, the capital city of Chungcheongbuk-do, and is adjacent to Seoul. This season's Cheongju is even more beautiful and enjoyable.




What makes Deng’s memory still fresh is the local etiquette culture. Mr. Deng lamented that during the entire tour, the Korean reception group’s grooming, talkative temperament and thoughtful manners reflected the professionalism and good corporate culture of the company. It is worth learning from Qiu. From the Korean construction companies, there are places worth learning in Korean crafts, materials, and management. Qiu will follow the pace of the times, learn advanced technology, and create a more comfortable and secure living environment for Chinese people!


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