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“Promoting transformation and upgrading, building new private enterprises”, Wuhan Construction Industry Association re-enters Qiu‘s

Release date:2016-12-22 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

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On September 1st, 2016, the expert group of Wuhan Construction Industry Association visited Qiu’s “visiting” investigation and promoted the magnificent transformation and upgrading of Qiu’s

On June 29th, 2016, "Qiu's "Transformation and Upgrade of Wuhan Construction Industry" wave went to Yichang Guangsheng Construction Group to observe and exchange"

On May 31, 2016, the training course “Out of the Dilemma·Transformation and Transformation of Construction Enterprises”, listen to the lectures of the big coffees.

After the early household survey, training, observation and exchange activities, with the help of Wuhan Construction Industry Association, Qiu's transformation and upgrading work was carried out steadily, and the company's pain points and advanced experience were learned. On December 22, 2016, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Wuhan Construction Industry Association Li Yulei and Director of the Comprehensive Management Department of the Association went to Qiu (Hubei) Coating Co., Ltd., and jointly developed the enterprise transformation and upgrading work with Qiu. The program and association support work list, Qiu’s general manager Deng Zaizhou, sales manager Wang Mingjun, and engineering manager Zhou Wei attended the forum.

         General Deng first expressed his warm welcome to the re-entry of the association's expert group! He also affirmed Qiu’s achievements in the transformation and upgrading activities for the first half of the year: 1. Qiu’s brand influence has been built and disseminated, and its influence has been enhanced in the construction field, and it has been explored in a large number of activities organized by the association. It has reached its own space for improvement; 2. It has broadened the horizons of the industry and deepened its connection with various resources; 3. Cleared its position and understanding of itself in terms of personnel, management, enterprise scale, and ideological consciousness.


With rich industry experience, President Li analyzed the common bottlenecks of the “Qiao’s” private enterprises and taught the successful transformation experiences and methods of several large-scale construction private enterprises. President Li said that the good environment for private enterprises is no longer. Under the new normal requirements, creating new private enterprises must find a new development path.


After three hours of communication, communication, and analysis, the association's expert group and Qiu's leadership combined the actual situation of Qiu's development, focusing on five outstanding issues of Qiu's:

First, find a fixed partner and identify mature market segments. Establish and improve the company's marketing model, starting with the development of new marketing methods, marketing personnel incentive system, customer docking model, etc., open sales promotion methods and broaden the sales field.

Second, pay attention to the construction of corporate culture. People-oriented, pay attention to employee happiness index, do a good job in training, using, and introducing talents, give full play to the role of various talents, improve the talent appointment mechanism, pay attention to personnel training, and promote the rapid growth of talents.

3. The Association assists enterprises to dock with relevant functional departments. Under the correct policy guidance, the energy conservation requirements for green buildings in Wuhan City will reach the advanced level, and promote the comprehensive implementation of 75% energy-saving residential buildings in Wuhan, and improve the living environment of Wuhan residents. Next, let Qiu's green energy-saving building products be widely used.

4. With the requirements of “What kind of professional subcontracting is required for the general package”, we will do mature and excellent pilot projects and control them reasonably in terms of cost; actively cooperate with the general contractor to fully mobilize the execution ability of the enterprise; The owner is at ease.

5. The Association recommends excellent project management, enterprise management personnel, etc. to provide professional and systematic training for Qiu employees and promote the improvement of the quality of Qiu's employees.


      At the end of the meeting, President Li expected Qiu to achieve positive results in the process of transformation and upgrading in the future. Mr. Deng said that Qiu (Hubei) Coating Co., Ltd. is a professional subcontractor for exterior wall insulation and exterior wall coatings with professional decoration and decoration qualification for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation. Wuhan Construction Industry Association supports 12 key enterprises in enterprise transformation and upgrading. One, according to the list of transformation and upgrading determined by the meeting, with the support of the association, further in 2017!

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