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Taiwans Qius winning bid for the joint investment & Golden Harbor Phase III project

Release date:2016-12-29 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

Recently, the “Joint Investment & Golden Harbor Project Phase III” project, which was publicly tendered by Wuhan Xingangcheng Construction Investment Co., Ltd., has been successfully bidding with several powerful companies. Our company has once again succeeded in the construction of the exterior wall coating project of the project. .

Since 2011, Qiu (Hubei) Coating Co., Ltd. has undertaken the Golden Harbor Phase V, the Golden Harbour and the Double Lakes, the Joint Investment & Golden Harbor Phase I and Phase II exterior wall coating projects, totaling about 500,000 square meters. The whole project department of Qiu's project has faced difficulties and exerted the spirit of tackling the difficulties and difficulties, and successfully fulfilled the planning requirements of the owners and the general contractor. In the construction technology of the exterior wall coating, the technology is advanced, the finished product effect is good, the customer's requirements are exceeded in anticipation, and the unanimous approval of Party A and the general contractor is won on the professional construction. After years of cooperation, Qiu and Party A have established a deep trust and partnership, and work together to achieve mutual benefit.


Golden Harbor Paint Effect


Golden Harbor Villa Group Coating Effect

The bidding time is tight and the task is heavy. Since the bidding information is obtained, the company's leaders attach great importance to it, carefully arrange the bidding work for the project, clarify the division of labor and responsibility, and put forward specific requirements for the bidding documents and technical quality. Our company carefully studied the bidding documents, understood the intention of bidding, formulated a careful work plan, prepared in advance and carefully organized. In the end, with the company's good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength and excellent programs, perfect quality progress guarantee system, reasonable quotation won the affirmation of the bidding unit, and successfully won the bid again.

The company stood out among the many competitors and successfully won the bid again. This is undoubtedly another affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level. It is also the recognition of the Qiu brand by customers and the recognition of Qiu's products.

The successful bid is inseparable from the correct decision of the company's leadership and the full cooperation of the personnel of various departments. The bidding of the project is of great significance to the company's future business promotion and market expansion. It not only demonstrates the strength of the company, but also demonstrates the core competitiveness of our company.


Project information


Overview of the Golden Harbor Project: The business city is under planning. The government is trying to adjust and optimize the spatial layout of the development zone and set up six major parks, namely “one district, two parks and three cities”. The Golden Harbor Project is located in the planned business city. It is a gathering place for business and financial support. In the future, it will become the core area of the development zone, focusing on the development of headquarters economy, cultural creativity, digital industry, sports industry and financial services. The Golden Harbor project focuses on the construction of an international creative design center and an urban complex project to build a high-quality international living area integrating science, education, culture, health, body, entertainment and residence, and create a new center for Hanyang City.

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