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Sailing and winning the battle - Qius high-tech 2017 spring mobilization meeting

Release date:2017-03-06 Author:湖北邱氏节能建材高新技术股份有限公司 Click:

In the wake of the company's "high growth, high platform, high return" call, on March 4, 2017, Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-Tech Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room of Hubei Branch. An inspiring spring mobilization meeting. Chairman Qiu Jieru, General Manager Deng Zaizhou and other decision-making leaders and all employees of the company attended the meeting, and Wang Mingjun, deputy manager of Hubei Branch, presided over the meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Deng Zaizhou delivered a speech. Mr. Deng explained that 2017 is the second year of the independent accounting of Hubei Branch. Specifically, the company will propose a comprehensive deployment plan for the company's 2017 goals, efforts and development plans, and realize the independence, independence and democracy of the branch; it is necessary to clarify the business management plan and marketing management regulations of the branch based on the independent contract system of the branch. Comply with the development trend of the head office, shoulder the social responsibility of the industry environmental revolution to give Qiu's social responsibility!

From the perspective of joining Qiu’s ten years, Mr. Deng is very optimistic about Qiu’s and Qiu’s high-tech platform and the industry. He leads the analysis of the company’s product advantages and prospects, and expresses confidence and ability to lead all members in one During the year, Qiu's high-tech will be put on the next step to provide a better platform for employees! On this basis, the company launched the virtual shareholding system of the branch to encourage employees who are thoughtful, capable, and purposeful, and willing to work hard in the industry to become the masters of the Qiu's high-tech platform! In the end, Mr. Deng made a request to all the staff of Qiu's high-tech: saying that it is better to do more, to think first, to be a thoughtful person, to be an innovative person!


Chairman Qiu Jieru publicized the “Marketing Management Regulations of the Head Office in 2017” to convey the marketing management requirements of the head office to the branch company.


Wang Mingjun, deputy manager of Hubei Branch, read and explained in detail the "Regulations on the Management of Hubei Branch" to achieve institutionalized sales management.


Deputy General Manager An Weihong first publicized the “Company Simulation Share Plan”; secondly, he conveyed the spirit of the Board of Directors meeting on February 13th, guiding the direction of the branch leaders; and made detailed details on the staff structure and organizational adjustment of the branch. Planning; Ann General finally announced the branch's 2017 assessment targets, and subdivided into various departments, and signed annual target responsibility letters with the heads of various departments to achieve management standardization.



(Wang Mingjun, deputy manager of Hubei Branch, signed the target responsibility letter with the three sales team leaders)


(Deputy General Manager An Weihong signed the target responsibility letter with the two engineering managers)


(Deputy General Manager An Weihong signed a target responsibility letter with the head of the Ministry of Commerce and Brands)


(Engineering Manager Zhang Tao signed the target responsibility letter with the three project managers)

Mr. Deng finally stressed that 2017 is a challenging year. I hope that all employees will have “very high” progress in terms of mental outlook and income in 2017, and they will be able to become alive with high goals and heavy tasks. Team!

Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now it’s stepping from the beginning! In 2017, let us unite and hold high the banner of “high growth, high platform, high return”, set sail and win the future!

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