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315, the inside of the paint you dont know

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Fight against smog, give priority to waterborne coatings


In the past two days, the smog has continued to commit. This time it was attacked by Wuhan. As of the early morning of the 7th, Wuhan's air quality index was 274, heavy pollution, the primary pollutant PM2.5, AQI exceeded 200 hours has reached 20 hours. Due to the impact of pollution transmission in the north at night, the air quality in Wuhan City has dropped sharply...

During the two sessions, Comrade Chen Qinghua, vice chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, once said to the media: In order to fight against air pollution such as smog, we must include the water-based coatings industry as a priority for development.

Prior to this, most of the industries in China used solvent-based coatings. Solvent-based coatings were formulated with organic solvents such as benzenes and ketones as dispersion media. According to Xiaobian statistics, solvent-based coatings have become the second largest source of pollution in modern society. Their composition is also very complex. The large amount of organic compounds contained in the system releases a large amount of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and vinyl chloride into the air. The large-area use of solvent-based coatings is also one of the important causes of current smog weather and PM2.5 pollution.

Policy guidance, the era of environmental protection is coming


From 2016, the environmental supervision was upgraded from the “supervisory enterprise” of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to the “supervisory administration” by the central inspection team in 2017. At present, 21 provinces across the country have issued documents on the division of environmental protection duties, and clearly defined the environmental responsibility of each department. In 24 provinces, provincial-level environmental protection inspection programs were issued, and 24 provinces issued detailed rules for the investigation of the responsibility for environmental and environmental damages of party and government leading cadres. The remaining provinces are also formulating and soliciting opinions. The promulgation of these documents has strengthened the environmental responsibility of local governments and departments at all levels, and the large-scale pattern of environmental inspectors at the central and provincial levels has taken shape.

In terms of environmental performance, water paint is water as a thinner. The product itself does not contain any chemical substances. Similarly, the substance that volatilizes into the air during production and use is water, which not only ensures the health of the user, but also does not The environment produces pollution.

Qiu's high-tech exterior wall coating guarantees product quality and safety


      The exterior paints produced by Qiu Shixin are water-based paints and have a complete

 R&D team, which takes advantage of raw materials. In addition, it also has raw material

 procurement and technical exchanges with many internationally renowned raw materia

l manufacturers: Germany Beck Chemical, Germany Henkel, Bayer Chemical, Taiwan Cha

-ngxing, Japan Mitsui Co., Ltd., Dutch Taftka, etc. Qiu has deep cooperation with Rohm a

-nd Haas Company and DuPont of the largest raw material supplier, and is the official au

-thorized partner of BASF. The quality of the diamonds is different!

      Qiu has a professional after-sales service specialist and auxiliary construction personnel, can

 provide color (color scheme consultation) and on-site proofing demonstration, technical 

guidance; special senior experts to detect and analyze the environmental climatic conditions

 of the project, according to test data, recommendations and engineering Compatible produ

-cts and decoration schemes (painting system); established a convenient logistics service syst

-em, on-site observation and verification of all construction projects, on-site observation and

 verification every quarter, every year, record, prepare maintenance files, all-inclusive!


At present, Qiu's high-tech production of real stone paint, rock lacquer, ordinary sand wall paint, elastic sand wall paint, tile paint, marble paint, granite stone paint, beauty stone paint, elastic lacquer paint, elastic embossing paint, nano-outdoor latex paint, exterior wall Latex paint, elastic exterior latex paint, water-based fluorocarbon exterior paint, water-based metal fluorocarbon exterior paint, alkali-resistant outer wall primer, and other dozens of exterior wall paint varieties, fully satisfying the needs of consumers The decorative beauty of the veneer, waterproof and breathable, imitation stone feel, age, and many other needs.


In the past 20 years, Qiu has focused on R&D and production of architectural coatings, and has assisted in the construction of hundreds of millions of square meters of engineering applications. Since the establishment of the company, we have been adhering to the professional development path, and have won the trust of our partners with our company's unique R&D institutions, excellent product quality, integrated product and service concept of coating production and construction!


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