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Qius interior wall insulation composite panel quality control - Bairuijing Central Living Area

Release date:2017-04-18 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:



The paper surface plaster Neopor® composite panel external wall insulation system is a mature mainstream product with advanced technology standards and long-term application in 40 years. It can be controlled by applicability, safety and construction quality. , economic and comfort, won the favor of the majority of owners and design units, has been widely used in many large domestic engineering projects, especially commercial residential buildings.

In order to ensure the quality of construction, Qiu, under the leadership of Chairman Qiu Jieru, set up a QC special group for the Bairuijing project. The title of the project is: external wall internal insulation system - quality control of thermal insulation gypsum composite board construction.


The QC team conducted random inspections of the original basement, materials and construction quality on the external thermal insulation construction of the Bairuijing project, and conducted statistical analysis of the data to study and determine the feasibility target setting.

01 substrate acceptance criteria: interior wall plastering without frustration, wall clearance size acceptance deviation within 1.5cm;


02 On-site construction of the original substrate receiving control and the quality management of the panel and joint construction: through the construction management, the defect problem is controlled from 37% to 5%.


1 specific measures

01 The original grass-roots field measured the actual amount, layer-by-layer acceptance and reception, follow-up plastering rectification. After the wall clearance and flatness are rectified, the next construction process can be accepted and started.


02 The position of the indoor wall and the composite board is controlled by the pay-off line to correct the indoor clearance and the vertical flatness of the wall.


03 entry material * ruler double rule inspection, qualified before the wall can be completed (complete complex, no dimensional deviation composite plate, only the wall sticker)


04 adhesive glue paste paste.


05 composite board installation.


06 After the anchoring on site, the quality of the construction of the slab is checked.


07* ruler is used for anchoring, jointing, and flattening.


08 seam processing.

After the completion of the acceptance of 09, the anchors and the seams will be closed, and the construction will be re-examined after the completion of the construction.


10 negative angle treatment.

11 positive angle treatment.


                                                    12 ceiling corner treatment.37.jpg

13 ceiling corner treatment.


14 window edge detail processing.


15 After the completion of the retest, the local adjustment, damage, etc. will be rectified.

Delivered hardcover construction after completion


Under the active control of the QC team, during the construction of the hardcover house, through our control of the smoothness of the construction of the internal thermal insulation composite panel, the flatness of the interior wall of the project has reached the level of the same fine decoration delivery. In the delivery process of the rough house, through the quality control of the modular assembly of the wall composite panel, the clearance of the house and the flatness of the wall have significantly improved the delivery quality. Regardless of the hardcover room or the rough house, the control of the construction progress, quality and cost of the interior wall has been significantly improved through the use of the inner wall composite panel and the flatness construction control during the construction process. At the same time, the on-site insulation construction is in progress. Under the premise of fully satisfying the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the insulation and energy saving of commercial residential buildings, it also greatly saved the use of sand and gravel cement on site and the risk of construction of the outer basket, which added new guarantees for safe and civilized construction on site.


         Through the specific exploration of this activity, we have made the quality control of the construction of the paper gypsum composite board, further systematic and refined, and laid a good theoretical and practical foundation for the control of the quality of the internal thermal insulation construction in the future. At the same time, this activity has further popularized the construction standards of paper gypsum insulation composite panels within the company. Later, the group will continue to carry out the application of construction and construction of new materials for thermal insulation and energy conservation, and continuously deepen and popularize the company's new The quality of the construction quality control system, in the practice of seeking true knowledge to achieve excellence, popularization after exploration to further improve the construction management level of the entire company.

         In the future work, the QC team will make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to urban construction!

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