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Qius dialogue construction industry big coffee and experts - Wuhan private construction enterprise transformation and upgrading summit forum

Release date:2017-05-03 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:


Transformation and upgrading is the eternal theme of enterprise development. In recent years, the macro economy has undergone profound changes, the construction market has been deeply adjusted, and the new normal has brought new challenges. The pressure on the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises, especially private construction enterprises, is growing. Since joining the Wuhan Construction Industry Association in 2016 to support enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of key enterprises, Qiu has actively participated in a series of activities organized by the Association. In the training, he has grasped the significance and spirit of enterprise transformation and upgrading; learning in excellent architectural engineering observation Successful experience and strategy; in the practice, we have achieved a series of gratifying results such as equity transformation, market expansion, project management specialization, corporate culture construction improvement, brand influence improvement and product technology innovation.


In order to "break the transformation of the problem, plan and upgrade the good policy", on May 3, based on the transformation and upgrading of supporting enterprises carried out last year, sponsored by Wuhan Construction Industry Association and China Construction Magazine, the "National Construction Group" The training forum for the transformation and upgrading of private construction enterprises in Wuhan and the “transformation and upgrading and corporate culture construction” was held at the headquarters of the National Construction Group. The forum was hosted by Wei Lai, director of the China Construction Magazine News Center.


Wei Lai, Director of China Construction Magazine News Center

Hu Guiyu, deputy inspector of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Hubei Province, attended the forum and highly praised the wonderful discussion and far-reaching significance of the forum. He said in his speech that this forum provides a communication and cooperation for promoting the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises in Wuhan. Platform, construction enterprises should focus on the transformation of business philosophy, economic model, contracting mode and production mode, and contribute to the vigorous development of Wuhan construction industry.


Deputy Inspector, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Hubei Province, Hu Guiyu

Qiu’s general manager Deng Zaizhou and four other outstanding private entrepreneurs in Wuhan, together with five construction experts from across the country, formed a “5V5” lineup on project management model, marketing, quality assurance, cooperative management, corporate talent, and engineering governance. The 7 topics of seizing opportunities were discussed and exchanged in depth. As a professional subcontracting unit focusing on exterior wall architectural coatings and exterior wall insulation materials, integrating production, sales and construction for 20 years, Qiu has realized in the context of new areas such as Belt and Road, PPP projects and development of fabricated buildings. The cooperative operation raised doubts to the experts present. Chen Jian, the chairman of Nantong Sijian Group Co., Ltd., took the lead in solving the problem of Qiu. Chen suggested that the first establishment of mixed ownership enterprises, joint several professional companies to share shares, learn from each other's strengths; in the era of big data, the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises is inseparable Internet thinking, architecture is one of the largest data industries, and it is also a low-data industry. Yi Wenquan, the general manager of the China Construction Third Bureau and the president of the Wuhan Construction Industry Association, also added his point of view. Construction companies should focus on cooperation, both competition and cooperation. The general contractor can cooperate with subcontractors. Domestic cooperation with foreign countries can be done. The company focuses on doing the best, on the one hand refining the integration on the one hand, and solving the problem of division of labor and cooperation; the use of network information is transparent in material procurement.

[Five experts]


Chairman of the Architectural History Association and Corporate Culture Branch of China Construction Industry Association Li Liding


General Manager of China Construction Third Bureau, President of Wuhan Construction Industry Association Yi Wenquan


Vice Chairman of the Statistical Construction Committee of China Construction Industry Association, Senior Economist Wang Shihe


Chairman of Nantong Sijian Group Co., Ltd. Chen Jian


Li Fuhe, General Manager of Shanghai Pancheng De Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

[Five entrepreneurs]


Chairman of National Construction Group Ye Jiabin


Chairman of Hubei Guangsheng Construction Group


Chairman of Hubei Zhonghengjian Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhu Jiaguo


General Manager of Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-Tech Co., Ltd. Deng Zaizhou


Executive Deputy General Manager of Hubei Xinling Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. Wang Liguo

The forum lasted more than three hours of heated discussions, which made Deng feel: This forum is called "China's good voice" in the construction industry! Fortunately, Mr. Yi Zong, the general manager of the China Construction Third Bureau, and Mr. Chen, the chairman of Nantong Sijian, and several big coffee makers in China’s construction industry cannot be said to have benefited a lot. It is simply a kind of transcendence and baptism, using the vice president of Wuhan Construction Industry Association. And the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General Li Lanlei said: "Reborn, lead development, build a dream of the future."

At 13:30 in the afternoon, the wonderful training continued, and the training course “Transformation and upgrading and corporate culture construction” was officially held. Chairman of the Corporate Culture Branch of the China Construction Industry Association, Li Liding, the Shaanxi Provincial Government Counselor, and Xue Feng, the Deputy General Manager of Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co., Ltd., respectively, brought the cultural construction in the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises and the cultural heritage in the transition period. And development - the special training of Zhongyifeng corporate culture construction practice and thinking. The training course was hosted by Li Yilei, vice president and secretary general of the association.


Li Jianlei, Vice President and Secretary General of Wuhan Construction Industry Association

Li Ding elaborated the construction from the four aspects of the status quo of construction industry culture construction, the basic characteristics of construction enterprise culture construction, and the issues that need to be paid attention to in current construction enterprise culture construction, combined with the practice of Zhongtian, China Construction Sixth Bureau, Qiu Group and other enterprises. How to strengthen the construction of corporate culture in the process of transformation and upgrading, and encourage private construction enterprises to seize the opportunity under the premise that the country clearly defines the construction industry as the pillar industry of the national economy, and take advantage of the situation to occupy half of the country.


Xue Feng introduced the basic experience, achievements, deficiencies and plans of Zhongyifeng's corporate culture construction from the aspects of Zhongyifeng's corporate culture overview, organizational guarantee, news propaganda, cultural activities, social responsibility and brand strategy. Inspired by the experience of the company to build a corporate culture.


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