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Taiwan Qiu won the bid for the external thermal insulation project of the first phase of Guanggu Yuecheng Phase I

Release date:2017-05-24 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

Taiwan's Qiu won the bid! ! !

Congratulations on our successful bid

Guanggu Yuecheng Phase I Exterior Insulation Project



The total construction area of Guanggu Yuecheng is about 950,000 square meters. It is the only one million square market in the Guanggu area. The total number of households is 8,252. The whole residential area includes high-rise residential buildings, apartments, commercial, kindergarten and Hanjie-style commercial streets. Meet the needs of different owners. The developer pays special attention to the building quality and building quality of the house, and wholeheartedly creates quality life for the owners.

Guanggu Yuecheng Guards Gaoxin 2nd Road and Guanggu 1st Road Golden Cross, which is located at the center of Guanggu Transportation Hub. The Guanggu Railway Station, which is 700 meters west of the project, was built in 2018. It is 500 meters away from the south extension of Metro Line 2, the entrance. The BRT eastward expansion line is under construction. After opening to traffic in September 2017, it will be connected to the BRT of Xiongchu Avenue. It will become a large comprehensive transportation hub of Optics Valley. Guanggu Yuecheng can enjoy the convenience of traffic without interference. A livable market.


This time, Qiu’s successful bid for the Guanggu Yuecheng Phase I exterior insulation project, the exterior insulation materials for the exterior walls of No.1, No.2 and No.3 buildings (QS graphite molding board, QS bonding glue, QS plastering glue) ) Supply and construction. At the same time, the external wall insulation of the Guanggu Yuecheng project is all designated QS graphite molded board. The head of Hubei Yujiatou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. revealed that the Optics Valley Yuecheng project is positioned at a high level, so it is very demanding in material supplier selection. QS graphite molding plate has won the favor of the company because of its energy saving and environmental protection advantages and excellent thermal insulation performance!


QS graphite molding plate insulation system is based on the demand of China's building energy-saving market. After more than ten years of product development and auxiliary construction experience, with the cooperation of professional machinery manufacturing enterprises, we have developed independent production and manufacturing equipment and adopted strategic cooperation. Partner BASF imported raw materials and our technology with independent intellectual property rights. The system consists of QS bonding paste, QS graphite molding plate and QS plastering paste. It is applicable to the thermal insulation of new buildings, passive energy-saving building envelopes, and existing building renovation envelopes in all areas of the country. It is the national administrative department and the administrative law enforcement department that implements the "Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China", which regulates the standards of building energy conservation and the market; it is the first choice for the country to select green and low-carbon energy-saving communities; it is also the technological innovation of Qiu. After the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, it has made new contributions to the cause of building energy conservation in China.

The successful bid is the recognition of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level by the developer Yujiatou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and the recognition of the company's Qiu brand in Taiwan. It is also adhering to the "providing a good living environment for customers". A strong unity of the unified concept!

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