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Qius high temperature condolences to the front line

Release date:2017-07-27 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:


 The time is high in the summer, the temperature is high, the sun is burning, and the heat waves are blowing. In the past few days, the temperature has risen steadily, which has brought great challenges to the employees on the front line of the project site. They braved the heat and heat and stayed at the construction site. The hot summer not only tests the construction workers at the front of the project site, but also affects the hearts of the company's leaders.


Recently, Qiu’s high-level condolences to the employees who fought in the high-temperature season, led by Chairman Qiu Jieru, came to the projects of Indujiang County, Green New Capital, Golden Harbor, Optics Valley Yuecheng and MINI Space, and View the construction progress and quality of each project.

Everywhere, the leaders expressed sincere gratitude to the workers for their hard work and cordial communication with them. They carefully inquired about the on-site working environment and the physical condition of the workers. They should pay attention to the body and pay attention to the safe production in summer. Combine and do high temperature protection work. The heatstroke prevention and cooling products (heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines, watermelons, drinks, etc.) were sent to the hands of the workers, bringing the care and greetings of the whole Qiu people.

On behalf of the company, the leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks to the efforts of the frontline employees. Sending them a heatstroke prevention kit, they also sent them a cool cool and care.


In order to ensure the prevention and cooling of this year's heatstroke prevention, effectively prevent all kinds of production safety accidents caused by high temperature heatstroke and high temperature operation, and effectively protect the life safety and health of frontline employees and field workers, the company has taken precautions and emergency response to the heat. Mechanism, set up the point of use of heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies at the project site, reasonably arrange work and rest time, strengthen the rotation of work, ensure adequate supply of drinking water on site, actively improve the production and living environment of construction sites, do a good job in sanitation and epidemic prevention, and do a good job in summer fire prevention. Work, comprehensively popularize the knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling, and clarify the relevant safety measures for heatstroke prevention and cooling and hidden danger investigation.


Leaders should pay attention to the body and do their best to prevent heatstroke and cool down. A sentence of intimate words made the frontline staff feel cool in the hot summer. A voice of greetings and praise further motivated the work of the project staff. Everyone thanked the leaders for their concern and concern. They all said that they will continue to stick to their respective posts, redouble their efforts, ensure safety, and carry forward the spirit of hard work and hard work. They will persist in fighting high temperatures, safety, quality, and progress, and successfully complete various tasks.

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