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Qiu wishes you a happy National Day Mid-Autumn Festival! ! !

Release date:2017-10-01 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:


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I wish you a happy National Day Mid-Autumn Festival! ! !

National Day Mid-Autumn Festival eight-day holiday is coming,

I believe everyone is looking forward to it for a long time.


        “Every time you spend the holidays” is the sigh of the wanderer. “The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of people” is the most beautiful scene. The encounter between the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day this year has given us more time to meet with our families and enjoy the moon and moon cakes.


Mid-Autumn Festival Customs - Enjoy the Moon

I hope that people will last forever

Together with the moon

         The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional projects of the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the moonlight is clean and the ancients regard the moon as a symbol of reunion. Therefore, it is also called “Reunion Festival” on August 15th. "Book of Rites" has long recorded "Autumn Festival", meaning to worship the moon god, at this time it is necessary to hold the cold and sacrifice the moon, set the incense case. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, the wind of the moon was more prevalent. The poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival also emerged in an endless stream, including Xin Qiji’s "Magnolia Slow Mid-Autumn Festival" and Su Shi's "Water Melody". "Tokyo Dreams Record" has more records: "Mid-Autumn Night, your family is decorated with Taiwanese ceremonies, and the folks compete for the restaurant to play the moon."


Mid-Autumn Festival Customs - Eat Moon Cake

         The mooncakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty. It is a kind of ritual from our national sacrifices and moon worship. It can be said that it is a manifestation of natural fetishism.

         Legend has it that in the Tang Dynasty, moon cakes were not called moon cakes. They were called walnut cakes because of the imported walnuts and sesame seeds. When Yang Guifei saw the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival, when he saw the moon, he said that the cake was called moon cake, so the moon cake was The title right belongs to Yang Guifei. Of course, this is just a folk interpretation.


       In fact, the earliest written records of mooncakes in China are from the poems of Su Dongpo: “Small cakes are like chewing moons, and there are crisps and glutinous rice in the middle.” That is to say, from the Song Dynasty, mooncakes gradually became popular in the city, and let the mooncakes There is another meaning of reunion. The round moon cake just takes the symbolic meaning of the reunion circle. This is the same with the chaste, and the most clear one year. In the Qing Dynasty, there was a bamboo branch saying: "The red and white fleece is made fine, and the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts are spread throughout the capital." The folk song of Beiping of the Republic of China sang: "The lotus is not completely unloaded, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, every household cuts the moon cake, the scented wax paper horse rabbit, the guessing order The same moon." It can be imagined that in the change of the years, moon cakes have become quite popular.



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