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Construction Bureau: Provincial Housing and Construction Department assesses the work of building green and building energy

Release date:2017-09-25 Author:Hubei Qiu Energy Building Materials High-tech Co., Ltd. Click:

 On September 19-21, the fifth inspection team of the province's green building and building energy conservation assessment evaluated the evaluation work in the city. The inspection team first listened to the report on the green building and building energy conservation work since 2017 by the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, and then conducted on-site inspections. This inspection has a total of 7 construction projects in Wujin, Jintan and Xiangyang.

At the briefing meeting, the inspection team fully affirmed the city's energy-saving engineering drawings and on-site quality inspections. All the 7 projects examined were qualified, and the quality of building energy-saving projects was generally controllable. At the same time, the inspection team also put forward relevant suggestions, requiring the city to continuously speed up the declaration of green building operation logo, deepen the green building design, deepen the green building work, strengthen the understanding of energy-saving technology, and strengthen the preparation of special construction and supervision programs. Starting from the fine points, we will further improve the special acceptance and strive to achieve better results in the future work.

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