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Training for all employees, establishing a learning organization; innovation management to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market - Qius quality control activities

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Construction engineering is a century-old plan. The quality of construction engineering is directly related to the survival and development of construction enterprises and may directly cause losses to the life and property of the country and consumers. In order to strengthen the management of construction quality, ensure the quality of the project, and protect the safety of people's lives and property, Qiu has been committed to strengthening the quality management of the project!


1. Employee professional skills training, improve production efficiency and service level, and establish a good image of the company.


With the speed of updating knowledge and technology, Qiu has continuously innovated and introduced new technologies and new ideas. In the early stage, he organized technical personnel to participate in industry forums, BIM classes, etc., and continuously trained employees. Through training, employees can master the management philosophy and advanced construction methods of the company, and constantly improve their own quality and market competitiveness of the company. On July 29th, 2017, Qiu’s “Quality First, Careful Construction and Mindfulness” 2017 Quality Control Month, Zhang Weiming, Engineering Manager, explained in detail the special inspection and evaluation methods of the insulation system. On August 12th, the continuous training of coating technology and the completion of the project preparations will be reported. Through two trainings, employees now have a deeper understanding of the whole process of construction management.


2. Learn the advanced experience of the industry and establish a learning organization.

Through the "people-oriented" approach to improve the quality of employees, Qiu has selected the industry's advanced development experience and deeds, stimulated the vitality of employees, established employee learning organizations through innovative ways of reading employees, and constantly improved the quality of production, construction and service. Improve efficiency through continuous learning and innovation.


3. Supervise the training effect and improve the quality of training.


In response to the professional skills training that has been completed in the previous period, the Qiu Department Administration Department and the Brand Department have prepared test papers for the acceptance of the training results of trainers. It is important to let employees improve and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to their actual work.

In the later period, Qiu will continue to pay more attention to employee growth and strengthen project quality construction. Through a series of activities such as publicity, training, and assessment, the industry's advanced knowledge, construction techniques, construction management methods, building regulations, etc. are disseminated to employees and implemented into projects. The tree industry model, the foundation of the century!

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