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Qiu won the 2017 “Excellent Supplier Award of the Year” of the Kangqiao Group

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On March 7th, 2018, the 2018 feast of the Kangqiao Group was held in Henan with the theme of “Gathering Together and Winning”. The Kangqiao Group passed 360-degree evaluation, third-party research and comprehensive recommendation of various internal departments for 2017. The partners who made outstanding contributions to the development of the group arranged a commendation and award ceremony. Qiu won the “Excellent Supplier Award of the Year”.


Kangqiao Group's 2018 feast was held in conjunction with the passers-by conference

The Kangqiao Group, which is constantly developing at a high speed, has been casting quality projects for many years, and its brand reputation has been at the forefront of the Chinese construction industry. In 2017, Qiu won the “Cooperative Excellent Supplier Award of the Year” in cooperation with the Kangqiao Group. This benefited from the 21 years of research and development, technical and project management and construction of exterior wall coatings, and the Kangqiao Group. Working together, we are committed to serving the people of China with a quality-oriented philosophy and a strong sense of social responsibility, contributing to China's green, low-carbon, building and energy-saving businesses.


Wang Mingjun, deputy manager of Hubei Branch, received the medal


Vice President Wu Kang (left) of Kangqiao Group and Wang Mingjun (right), Vice Premier of Hubei Branch

Qiu has been focusing on architectural coatings for 20 years. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the professional development path, winning the trust of customers with its unique research and development institutions, excellent product quality, and integrated product and service concepts. It has won the honors of “China Famous Brand”, “China's 30 Painted Resilience Building Materials Products”, “Hubei Famous Trademark”, “Hubei Province Tax A-level Certificate” and “Hubei Credit AA Grade Enterprise”.


Qiu won the "Excellent Supplier Award of the Year" in 2017

In the future, Qiu and Jiqing Construction will continue to work together with Kangqiao Group to achieve sustainable development, build a benign ecological chain, and continue to promote the future of green buildings.

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