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Qianjiang Municipal Party Committee, CPPCC and other leaders visited Qius inspection and investigation

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On the morning of April 16, 2018, Li Jianghong, member of the Standing Committee of Qianjiang Municipal Committee, Zhao Changan, vice chairman of the Qianjiang Municipal CPPCC Party Group, and Wang Qijun, party secretary of the General Administration Management District, conducted in-depth research and guidance on the Qiu's high-tech new factory. Chairman Qiu Jieru attended the event on behalf of the company and accompanied the leaders to inspect the work.


General Qiu gave a detailed introduction to the planning and construction of Qiu's new factory, and gave a comprehensive and in-depth explanation of Qiu's core products and exterior wall coatings and exterior wall insulation, depicting Qiu's grand blueprint for green building. It means that Qiu is going to be the industry leader. It is believed that under the care of the municipal party committee, the CPPCC and the leaders at all levels, Qiu will be able to establish a solid foundation for the company's next development based on the present and innovative mechanisms.


Due to the further development of the business, Qiu has added a new factory in No. 9 Hongdongyu Road, Qiankou Management District, Qianjiang City, and built a new 695,000 m3/year graphite molding board production line project to achieve a green area of nearly 20 million square meters. The total investment of the house is nearly 120 million yuan.


In the workshop of the new factory, Qiu introduced the construction of Qiu's Neopor graphite molding plate production line to the leaders of the inspection team. It is an anticipation of the Qiu Group's innovation in exterior insulation and building materials, and it is also an advantage in green energy conservation. The entry of construction industry resources has promoted the overall upgrading and innovation of the entire exterior insulation system materials.


Walking to the factory area, the inspection team leader was attracted by the energy saving and painting effect of the external wall of the factory. After a long discussion, Qiu started from the pain points of the building energy conservation and exterior wall decoration industry and conducted in-depth discussions with the leaders of the inspection team. Qiu's invention of the QS graphite molding plate (GEPS) insulation system developed by the independent research and development of product development and independent intellectual property rights can effectively solve the pain points of the external wall industry and give affirmation.


Through the expansion and expansion, the connection between Qiu's high-tech and the national market is smoother, and further integration with the international external wall insulation building materials market will also help Qiu to further contribute to increasing local employment opportunities and improving economic efficiency. The leaders of the inspection team praised Qiu’s contribution in the fields of green production, energy conservation and environmental protection. The inspection of the leaders of the municipal party committee is both an encouragement to Qiu and a supervision. In the future, Qiu will continue to develop with strength and establish a market with quality.

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