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Qiu Gaoxin participated in the first Djibouti China Commodities Fair

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On July 6, 2018, the three-day Djibouti “China Commodities Exhibition” ended successfully in the capital of Djibouti. The exhibition aims to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between China and Djibouti, and further promote China-Africa cooperation and win-win cooperation in various fields. Djibouti occupies an important strategic location in the East African Horn. It is a key point of the “Belt and Road” initiative on the Maritime Silk Road. The entry of foreign goods into the East African region is also the first connection point connecting the Asian and African markets. The construction and completion of the Djibouti International Free Trade Zone will help to leverage Djibouti's location advantage and build Djibouti into an important logistics center, business service provider and investment destination in East Africa. The exhibition attracted the attention and reports of CCTV, People's Daily, Global Times, and Phoenix Weekly.



  More than 60 Chinese and foreign companies participated in the exhibition. Most of the exhibitors were in the fields of building materials, electrical appliances and logistics. During the exhibition, many visitors came to visit. Our company is one of the exhibitors in China. At the exhibition, African construction companies and trading companies are responsible for the team operations of HAWK INTERNATIONAL INANCE&CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD, which are exhibited in our series of interior and exterior wall paint products, such as beautiful stone paint, real stone paint, embossed paint, granite stone paint and limestone. MR AL-BAKRI signed a letter of intent with us on the spot. In the next step, our company will conduct in-depth investigations into the markets of Africa, Southeast Asia and India, and implement the corporate tenet of “Bing Qiu's ancestral training and a hundred-year brand”. Combining the market and local climatic conditions, we will develop high-quality products that meet the needs of the local market. Our company will choose many large international trading companies to negotiate overseas agents, and in-depth study of overseas markets, and strive to build the first overseas factory overseas. Djibouti Prime Minister Abdul Kader Camille Muhammad attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and said in an interview with the media that the exhibition was a very important event for Djibouti. In recent years, China-Kyrgyzstan cooperation has gradually increased, and China is an important strategic partner of Djibouti. The holding of this exhibition will bring more investment to Djibouti and inject more vitality into the development of Djibouti's economy.


  The exhibition not only satisfies the exhibiting needs of Chinese and foreign companies and related industries, but also provides a high-quality platform for communication and interaction between China and Djibouti enterprises.

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