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The reason why the real stone paint drops the sand

Release date:2018-09-10 Author:涂料商学院 Click:

Real stone paint is widely used in the building decoration industry because of its environmentally friendly material, low cost and beautiful appearance. However, the phenomenon of sand falling during construction is also a headache. Some real stone paints are sandblasted during spraying. More than 1/3 in severe cases, resulting in a serious waste of costs, which indirectly increases the cost of materials. Let us also analyze what causes the real stone paint to drop sand.


Raw materials: At present, the sand used for real stone paint has artificial sand and natural sand. It is observed that the real stone paint prepared with natural sand has less sand loss than artificial sand.


Formulation: Influenced by the viscosity of real stone paint, in plain words, the real stone paint is too dry when sprayed, and the wet adhesion to the substrate is poor, and the sand drop rate is often high.


Climate: In summer, the real stone paint is sprayed at the highest temperature in the midday, and the sprayed atomized real stone paint will volatilize a large amount of water during the process of reaching the substrate, resulting in the wet adhesion of the real stone paint when it reaches the surface of the substrate. Poor, the sand will be significantly more.


In construction: due to the influence of the construction air pressure, the excessive air pressure will make the surface of the colored sand lack the coating of the slurry, the wet adhesion to the substrate will be weakened, and the reaction force of the substrate will be large, resulting in higher sand loss rate; When the air pressure is low, the spray atomization is not good, and the floating point effect is sprayed, and the sand loss will be less.

Thickness: When the real stone paint is too thick, the construction is difficult. If it is too thin, the viscosity of the sand on the wall is too low, which will cause the sand to fall. therefore. When real stone paint is applied, the consistency of the real stone paint should be strengthened as much as possible to help solve the problem of sand loss.

It can be seen that the problem of sand falling from real stone paint is also affected by many aspects. In the case that the raw materials and formulas cannot be accurately identified, we can take a test spray during construction to observe the quality of the purchased real stone paint and grasp the temperature. Too low temperature is also likely to cause the phenomenon of white paint ash whitening. Too high temperature is also likely to cause the phenomenon of sand falling from real stone paint. It is also necessary to control the air pressure of the spray gun. After all, there is a problem with the material cost waste, and it is very troublesome to rework.

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