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Wonderful report on the 2018 China International Building Systems and Materials Expo

Release date:2018-11-01 Author: Click:

On the morning of October 31, the three-day China International Building Systems and Materials Expo was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Enterprise Air Media - "Mortar & Insulation" magazine, insulation engineering network was invited to participate in the exhibition and do full report.


The FBC China International Building Systems and Materials Expo is sourced from the world's leading architectural systems exhibition, BAU Munich Building Technology Expo, which provides energy-efficient, innovative and systematic solutions for direct buyers such as architects, real estate developers and engineering units.

What historical opportunities does China provide to global building materials market companies? China is a global construction market. Years of rapid development have brought huge business opportunities to enterprises, but at the same time they are accompanied by potential problems; the weight is light, and the building life cycle is seriously lower than the average level of developed countries. However, with the government's emphasis on energy conservation and sustainable development, China's international status has been continuously improved, and such time has become a thing of the past.

The government began to realize the importance of energy conservation, introduced various policies, promoted the process of industrialization, and improved the level of building energy conservation. After 70-90, it gradually became the mainstream consumer group in China, and had a high demand for quality of life and living environment. 5% of the 11 countries, 8 of which are within the scope of the Belt and Road, they are undoubtedly the future of global building materials companies, what kind of products are needed in the future construction market, how should the construction enterprises transform?

The government's gradual tightening of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies is bound to eliminate high-energy, high-pollution enterprises. The future construction will surely be a competitive market for energy-saving, material-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprises. The architect responsibility system has become a historical necessity, and building materials enterprises are bound to From simply providing materials to solution providers, the FBC exhibit categories include:

Building technology: innovative heating technology, power generation technology (photovoltaic, etc.), refrigeration and ventilation technology, light source and lighting technology, building automation, control and management, building intelligent control technology, building information technology and software, energy consulting

Building systems and materials: doors and parking systems, building facades and curtain wall systems, exterior wall materials, construction tools, innovative materials, fabricated buildings, roof and ceiling systems, insulation and fire protection materials, ground systems, structural fire protection

Building door and window system: door and window system, building sunshade, architectural glass series, profile series, hardware accessories series, sealing series, door and window curtain wall processing and accessories, heat insulation series, other door and window curtain wall related products and testing service institutions

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