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Concentrate on the air and set sail

Release date:2019-02-20 Author: Click:

  The first month of the year, the age of fifteen. The first month of the year, the day of the curtain call, is also the beginning of the first month, the beginning of the earth rejuvenation. Qiu's high-tech will continue to work hard in the new year to provide you with updated and better products and services!

  Qiu's high-tech blood has the founder Qiu Yingxing's ingenuity, craftsman, and artisan genes, and continues to focus on building energy-saving products, building coatings research and development, production, sales, auxiliary design, construction one-stop operation. In addition to the four core products of the real stone paint, imitation stone paint, reflective heat insulation coating composite board, composite molding insulation and insulation board, Qiu Gaoxin covers the inner and outer wall elastic paint, fluorocarbon paint, imitation brick paint, imitation culture. A number of iterative and innovative products such as stone paint and water-based industrial anti-corrosion paint. For 22 years, we have been providing tailor-made solutions and services for different customers with specialization, customization and personalization.

       On the occasion of this festive season, Qiu Shigao wishes everyone a happy reunion! !


Qiu Shixing, the founder of the "CCTV Old Story" column, which was produced for 7 months, was released in the CCTV Old Story column on February 17, 2019.

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