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"Industry Spirit" - inheritance of the ancestral training

Release date:2019-02-23 Author: Click:

       On March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang officially proposed the “artisan spirit” for the first time in the government work report. CCTV "Industry·Artisan Spirit" column is a purpose of carrying forward the "Chinese craftsmanship spirit" as the purpose, with "the industrial story in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up" as the material of choice, using real lens to record the Chinese industry "initial heart and Mission, persistence and persistence, lean and focus, innovation and heritage" of the craftsmanship of large-scale television documentary programs.

       At the beginning of May 2018, Mr. Qiu Yingxing, the founder of Qiu's high-tech, was invited to participate in the selection/selection conference hosted by the CCTV old story channel “Industry·Artisan Spirit”. The outstanding enterprises from all over the country gathered in the field. Qiu's high-tech team stood out and successfully won the first prize and review. On July 15th, 2018, CCTV's old story column group went into Qiu's high-tech field to conduct on-the-spot investigations, visit and interview enterprises. Mr. Qiu Yingxing introduced the company's development history, product characteristics, business philosophy and ingenuity story to the column group. The column group lasted for more than seven months, and the rigorous and pragmatic record and filming of Mr. Qiu Yingxing's ingenuity, craftsman and craftsmanship. In February 2019, the documentary "Industry Spirit - Inheriting the ancestral training industry and serving the country" was broadcast on CCTV's old story channel. At the same time, it was broadcast on more than a dozen mainstream platform websites such as Headlines, Youku, Tudou, Aiqiyi and Sohu.

       In the country, the ingenuity is the heavy instrument; in the home, the ingenuity is the top beam; the person, the ingenuity is the model. The accumulation of steps to a thousand miles, every footprint, is made by you and me with ingenuity. On the road of craftsmen, Mr. Qiu Yingxing, who has struggled for 60 years, is still continuing. Realizing the ancestral training, industrial revitalization of Qiu, the industry to promote the country will be the unremitting pursuit of Qiu's high-tech.

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