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Overseas Dynamics - Qius High-tech Accelerates Overseas Market Expansion

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Communicate with Vietnamese customers

     As a privately-owned coating enterprise in Hubei, Qiu's high-tech actively responded to the government's encouragement of enterprises to participate in the “Belt and Road” construction call, and constantly explore the international market and enhance international influence.

       Just after the Spring Festival, Qiu’s high-tech overseas market team once again went to the Vietnamese market to conduct a 15-day market research and visited many local paint distributors, paint manufacturers, architectural design institutes, construction contractors, real estate development companies, and related companies. Functional departments, etc. It also communicates and communicates with the development of architectural coatings and energy saving and environmental protection industries in the Vietnamese market. All enterprises have a keen interest in Qiu's high-tech "Dia Li" brand exterior stone real stone paint, imitation stone paint, reflective heat insulation coating integrated board, composite molded thermal insulation products, water-based industrial anti-corrosive paint and other products, combined with local planning. With the climatic characteristics, Qiu's high-tech products have made a better and faster entry into the Vietnamese market and provided valuable advice.

     While the quality and variety presented by Qiu's high-tech products have been appreciated by customers, the heads of the two companies have learned that Qiu's high-tech will continue to uphold the enterprise development strategy of the company's century-old brand, and will be high-quality, iterative and innovative. When the products and one-stop service brought to the Vietnamese people, they decided to establish a long-term partnership with Qiu's high-tech on the spot. In April, they went to Hubei, China for a field trip and determined the goal plan for cooperation.

        2019 is the second year of Qiu's high-tech development of overseas markets. The company proposes to use the Vietnamese market as a breakthrough for entering the Southeast Asian market, and quickly establish a strategic approach of localized sales and technical support teams to form standardized and modularized. To lay a good foundation for the products to enter other countries in Southeast Asia.

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