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2019 Annual "Teaching Lights" Theme Annual Meeting Qius High-tech Awards

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   On March 24, 2019, the "2019 Annual "Teaching Lights" Theme Annual Meeting hosted by the China Real Estate Bidding and Purchasing Engineers Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Engineering Bidding and Purchasing Association) was held at the Sovereign Hotel in Chongqing. More than 300 people from more than ten provinces in the recruitment association, 80 suppliers and more than 100 development companies in Chongqing have participated in this annual meeting.

   At the meeting, Liu Ping, president of the association, gave a key introduction to the achievements of the China Real Estate Bidding and Purchasing Engineers Association Chongqing Branch in the past ten years and the development vision of the club in the future new situation. Chongqing Branch has absorbed nearly 600 recruiting members, more than 500 real estate enterprises, more than 1,000 supplier companies, and more than 100 professional activities. It has become the professional platform for bidding and procurement with the fastest development, the most extensive service, the strongest strength and the greatest impact in Chongqing's real estate industry.


"The light of recruiting" theme annual meeting

   In the follow-up session on the theme of “Integrity, Innovation and Development”, the participating companies have made in-depth research on human settlement technology, green new energy, supply chain financial platform and individual tax interpretation. Exchange and sharing. In the important awarding session of the conference, Qiu Shigao was once again awarded the title of “Excellent Supplier Enterprise”.

   Qiu Shigao always adheres to the spirit of craftsmen who are the founders of craftsmen, craftsmen and craftsmen, and insists on research and development and production of high-quality paints and green energy-saving products. Adhere to the direct production of customized products from the factory for real estate customers to provide customers with detailed construction services on-site construction guidance, so that manufacturers directly supply genuine, level checks, responsible for each customer, each project. Let customers go from procurement to construction, acceptance, to delivery to the owners, no worries. This time, Qiu Shigao has once again won the honor of “Excellent Suppliers” by the Association, and it is the most direct affirmation of the quality and service of Qiu's high-tech.

   The imaginary bamboo has a low-headed leaf, and the proud bone has no face. Today's honor is the driving force for the future. Qiu's high-tech will always bear in mind the corporate tenet of “Bing Qiu's ancestral training and building a hundred-year brand”. Based on honesty and trustworthiness, we will bring better products and services to our customers. Work together to create quality projects.

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