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Overseas market dynamics | Qius signed a contract with Vietnamese company

Release date:2019-04-03 Author: Click:

    From March 27 to 31, 2019, the chairman of Vietnam Seiko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. went to the Qiu's high-tech production base for field exchanges and inspections. Qiu's high-tech department leaders from corporate culture, corporate honors, partners, insulation, coating raw materials procurement, product preparation, production processes to the product every step of the wall construction, curing time, and finished product effects, coatings used in various regional projects The service life and other conditions have been comprehensively demonstrated and explained to Vietnamese customers, and the planning and prospects of Qiu's high-tech future are elaborated. The two sides continued to conduct detailed and in-depth exchanges for up to five days.


Exchange and signing

    Vietnam Japan Seiko is a well-known building material manufacturer in Vietnam. It has been in existence for more than 20 years and has been deeply involved in various provinces in Vietnam. After the company’s chairman went to Qiu’s high-tech office for an in-depth inspection on the ground, it laid a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two parties.

    During the inspection, the client discussed the status quo and future development trend of the Vietnamese market with the senior officials of Qiu Gaoxin. The two sides reached an agreement on how to jointly develop overseas markets and strictly control the quality and establish a century-old brand.

After leading the customers to visit the company's R&D department, production workshop, product quality testing center, raw material warehouse, model production room, and laboratory, the company has also witnessed the production and processing of the company's building energy-saving products and architectural coating products, making customers comprehensive. Intuitively understand the details of the company's range of products in the production process. Busy and orderly production processes, high-quality raw materials sources, fine preparation, strict quality control and the inheritance of the company's gene for 22 years, have left a deep impression on customers, and immediately signed a cooperation agreement to achieve long-term strategic cooperation. aims.

On March 30th, the two parties held a signing ceremony in Qiu's high-tech conference room, stipulated that the Qiu's high-tech building energy-saving and architectural coatings product display area will be jointly built in Vietnam in the near future, and the market development plan and target for 2019 will be determined.

    The successful signing of the contract with Vietnam Seiko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new milestone for Qiu's high-tech development of overseas markets. Qiu's high-tech will continue to put product quality and service quality first, and actively and steadily open overseas multi-party markets, seeking multi-party exchanges and win-win cooperation.

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