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Interface mortar

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■ Uses: It is widely used on the surface of various concrete, aerated concrete, lime sand bricks, shear walls, etc., and is applied to the base layer before the construction of the insulation layer.

■Features: This product has special adhesion and penetration function, which increases the adhesion between the wall surface layer and the insulation layer. It is an accessory product before the construction of thermal insulation mortar, easy to construct, safe and environmentally friendly.


■ Performance indicators:



Tensile bond strength

Original strength(MPa)




Operational time(h)


■ How to use:

1. The preparation ratio is interface sand slurry: clean water = 1:0.6 (weight ratio), mechanically stirred for 3 to 5 minutes, to the viscosity required for construction.

2, remove the surface of the base layer of dust, oil and loose layers and other debris, brush with a roller or brush roller (25 ° C, after 8h interval, then enter the next process).


■Package storage: 25Kg/bag, waterproof, moisture-proof, shelf life of 3 months. This product does not explode, does not burn, and is easy to transport.


■ Note:

1. Add appropriate amount of water to the product and stir. It is strictly forbidden to add other sundries.

2, the material is stored in a dry, cool, ventilated place, waterproof, moisture-proof; mortar should be used with the stirring, hardened and can not be reused, the stirred material must be used within 4 hours.

3. The surface of the finished object must be dry, firm, smooth, clean, free of voids, dust-free, oil-free, loose material, and non-seepage. Remove the floating ash before construction.

4. During the construction process, the temperature should not be lower than 5 °C, and the wind should be below level 5 to avoid rainy days.

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