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Bonding glue

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■Product use:

The accessory product specially developed for bonding QS graphite molding plate is attached to the bottom layer of QS graphite molding plate to provide a firm bonding between the plate and the wall.

■ Product Features:

1. Super strong adhesion;

2. Low water absorption, low line shrinkage, and good durability;

3. Easy to construct, environmentally safe and reliable;

■Product Execution Standard: Q/QS001-2013

■ How to use:

According to the ratio of water: QS bonding glue = (0.25-0.3): 1 (weight ratio), the QS bonding glue is poured into the proportioned pre-weighed water, and stirred by a hand blender or a mortar mixer. Stir for 3-5 minutes to the consistency required for the construction. The glued glue that has been stirred should be used up within 2 hours. It is strictly prohibited to add sand and any other materials and impurities during the mixing process. The solidified and hardened glue should not be used again. The prepared glue is directly smeared with a serrated knife.

■Reference theoretical value: According to the flatness of the base surface, 5mm thick, the theoretical value is about 4kg/m2.

■Package storage: 25kg ± 0.5kg packaging. Moisture-proof and rain-proof. The shelf life is 3 months. This product is water-based and environmentally friendly. It is non-explosive, non-flammable, easy to carry and transport.

■ Note:

1) The surface of the object to be bonded must be dry, firm, smooth, clean, free of voids, oil-free, loose material, and no water seepage before construction;

2) The temperature of the construction environment and the base wall should not be lower than 5 °C, and the wind should be below 5, to avoid rainy days;

3) It is strictly forbidden to add sand, cement and other additives and construction without using auxiliary products, otherwise it will cause serious quality and safety consequences;

4) The glue that has solidified and hardened cannot be reused;

5) Do not eat, touch the eyes, clean and treat with water.

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