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JG-Q007 smooth putty

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  • JG-Q007 smooth putty

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■Product use:

It is suitable for the base surface of cement-based, prefabricated panels, concrete and other walls of various buildings. It is mainly used for re-leveling the coarse (fine) putty base surface to provide a perfect coating base for the top coating.

■ Product Features:

○ High strength, water resistance and alkali resistance;

○Excellent bonding performance and improved coating adhesion;

○Excellent waterproof and breathable performance, the surface is fine and smooth, and improve the decorative effect and service life of the top coating;

○ High elasticity, excellent crack resistance, minimizing the impact of the base on the coating;

○ It is fast, easy to sand, easy to construct, and has no odor. It is an environmentally friendly product.

■Executive standard: JG/T157-2009

■Usage method: After mixing thoroughly before use, apply directly to the wall surface of the brushed alkali-resistant primer.

■Construction environment: The temperature is not lower than 10 °C, and construction should be avoided in bad weather.

■Supporting system:

JG-Q005 polymer anti-cracking leveling coarse rubber powder 1-2 times

JG-Q006 polymer anti-cracking leveling fine rubber powder 1-2 times

JG-Q007 smooth putty 1-2 times

■Storage: The shelf life is 18 months, and it is stored in a cool, clean and dry place (above 0°C and below 35°C). This product is environmentally friendly, non-explosive, non-flammable, easy to carry and transport.

■Packing specification: 29kg/barrel

■ Note:

1. The surface of the finished object must be dry, firm, smooth, clean, free of voids, dust-free, oil-free, loose material, and non-seepage. The newly-created wall should be dry without obvious water wetness (surface moisture content is less than 10%) , PH value is less than 10), remove the floating ash before construction, before construction.

2. After opening the seal, pay attention to the seal, do not eat, touch the skin, eyes, clean water, and clean.

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