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Water-based anti-alkali closed interior wall primer

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  • Water-based anti-alkali closed interior wall primer

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○ This product is selected from high-quality imported acrylic resin and additives to effectively prevent the paint film from falling off due to the precipitation of water and alkaline substances, pan-alkali, hair-painting and other paint diseases.

○ Strong alkali resistance, which can effectively prevent the top coat from being deteriorated by the influence of the substrate.

○ Strong penetrability, can penetrate deep into the inside of the substrate, quickly form a sealing film to enhance the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

○ It has good sealing performance, which not only precipitates the moisture and alkaline substances in the sealing substrate, but also prevents the topcoat from infiltrating into the substrate and affects the adhesion, while avoiding the waste of the topcoat.

○ Anti-mildew, anti-algae, effectively resist the erosion of the substrate mold, and can enhance the anti-mold ability of the topcoat, keeping the paint film lasting and bright.

○Good alkali blocking performance and permeability, can prevent the substrate alkaline, moisture and other substances from migrating to the topcoat, reduce the erosion of the topcoat, improve the adhesion of the topcoat, make the topcoat not fall off, not deteriorate, effective Extend the life of the paint film and the age of the wall.

■Usage: This product can prevent the coating damage caused by the strong alkalinity of cement, red brick and hollow brick and the surface of the wall, effectively control the growth of fungi and protect the wall surface for permanent beauty. It can be used for the sealing of concrete wall, sand wall, asbestos board, gypsum board, wood and other surfaces. .

■Theoretical dosage: topcoat 0.12/m2

■Packing specification: 18kg/barrel, 23kg/barrel

■Executive standard: JG/T210-2007

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