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Absorbing oxygen bar interior wall paint

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  • Absorbing oxygen bar interior wall paint

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Inhalation of oxygen bar interior wall paint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, antibacterial and antibacterial, in addition to odor, decomposes harmful gases, has super hiding power and whiteness, mildew, anti-algae, water, alkali, super washable, delicate touch, easy construction The color is rich and fashionable.


Suitable for new construction and maintenance of large buildings such as houses, hotels, office buildings, schools, etc.; widely used in concrete, sand wall, etc.; also suitable for surface of various substrate structures in indoor environment, such as asbestos board, plaster The surface of the board, fiberboard, metal, wooden doors and windows and the wood that has been primed are painted and protected.

■Theoretical dosage: topcoat 0.15kg/m2

■Packing specification: 6kg/barrel, 18kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

■Executive standard: GB/T9756-2009

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