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Alkali-resistant closed exterior wall primer

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  • Alkali-resistant closed exterior wall primer

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■Product use:

Suitable for high alkali, new (old) concrete wall, sand surface, asbestos board, gypsum board and other surface alkali-resistant closure.


This product is selected from high-quality imported acrylic resin and additives to effectively prevent the paint film from falling off due to moisture and sputum release, such as peeling off, smashing, smear and other paint diseases: strong alkali resistance, can effectively prevent topcoat It is deteriorated by the influence of the substrate; it has strong penetrating power and can penetrate deep into the inside of the substrate to form a sealing film quickly, which enhances the adhesion of the coating to the substrate; it has good sealing performance, which not only seals the moisture in the substrate and Alkaline precipitates, which prevents the topcoat from penetrating into the substrate and affects the adhesion, while avoiding waste of the topcoat; anti-mildew and anti-algae effectively resist the erosion of the substrate mold, and can enhance the anti-mold ability of the topcoat and keep the paint film lasting bright Good alkali blocking performance and permeability, can prevent the substrate alkaline, moisture and other substances from migrating to the topcoat, reduce the erosion of the topcoat, improve the adhesion of the topcoat, make the topcoat not fall off, not degenerate, effective The life of the paint film and the age of the wall.

■Application: It is suitable for surface anti-alkali sealing of new (old) concrete wall, sand surface, asbestos board and gypsum board.

■Usage method: After mixing thoroughly before use, directly brush/roller/spray on the putty layer that has reached the standard, require uniform brushing, no sag, no through bottom, no missing brush, etc.

■Construction environment: the temperature is not lower than 10 °C, the relative humidity is not higher than 85%, and construction should be avoided in bad weather.

■Storage: The shelf life is 18 months, and it is stored in a cool, clean and dry place (above 0°C and below 35°C). This product is environmentally friendly, non-explosive, non-flammable, easy to carry and transport.

■Theoretical dosage: primer 0.12-0.15kg/m2

■Packing specification: 18kg/barrel, 23kg/barrel

■Executive standard: JG/T210-2007

■ Note:

1. The surface of the finished object must be dry, firm, smooth, clean, free of voids, dust-free, oil-free, loose material, and non-seepage. The newly-created wall should be dry without obvious water wetness (surface moisture content is less than 10%) , PH value is less than 10), remove the floating ash before construction, before construction.

2. After opening the can, pay attention to sealing, do not eat, touch the skin, eyes, clean water, and clean.

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