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Waterborne fluorocarbon exterior paint

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This product introduces imported fluorocarbon resin as the main raw material, super strong UV resistance and super outdoor weather resistance, which makes the wall always new: excellent leveling, excellent anti-fungal and anti-algae ability, self-cleaning function, long-term Maintain a bright appearance; non-toxic, high temperature resistant, light resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-marking, corrosion resistant; saturated, elegant, expressive, super weather resistant, and extremely waterproof.

■ Uses: Applicable to the exterior wall decoration of various high-end residential buildings, villas, office buildings, hotels, etc., including various masonry, concrete structures and other base surfaces.

■ Construction process:

In the wall after the brushing is up to standard, the matching roughing powder is applied three times, and the mesh cloth is attached once (interval more than 8 hours) - the elastic line (horizontal vertical) - batch scraping matching leveling fine powder twice (24 hours apart) - sanding with 240# sandpaper - roll coated with anti-alkali seal primer once (interval 4 hours) - scrape the smooth putty once again - spray matching water-based fluorocarbon colored primer again (interval 24 Hour) - sanding - spray with water-based fluorocarbon topcoat twice (interval 24 hours) - sticker tape - brush black line paint.

■Theoretical dosage: top coat 0.2kg/m2, surface oil 0.15kg/m2

■Packing specification: 20kg/barrel

■Executive standard: HG/3792-2005

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