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Exterior latex paint

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Excellent weather resistance, color retention, gloss retention, able to withstand sun and rain, super washable; strong adhesion, strong paint film, excellent water resistance, stain resistance; mildew, anti-break, anti-algae, anti- The carbonization is good, the color of the paint film is beautiful, and it is always new.


It is widely used in the decoration of new building, maintenance and renovation of walls. The surface of masonry structure is: concrete, bridge, brick-concrete structure, cement products, sand surface, etc. and three-dimensional tread plate and stone sound board, fiberboard, ceiling, metal Wood doors and windows and wood that has been primed can be painted to make the objects to be bright and beautiful for a long time.

■ Construction process:

In the wall after the brushing is up to standard, the matching roughing powder is applied once (8 hours or more intervals) - batch scraping matching leveling fine powder (interval 24 hours) - grinding with 240# sandpaper - spraying or rolling coating Perform an alkali-resistant outer wall primer (24 hours apart) - spray or roll the matching exterior latex paint twice (24 hours apart).

■Theoretical dosage: topcoat 0.2kg/m2

■Packing specification: 18kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel

■Execution standard: GBT9755-2014

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