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Elastic lacquer

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It is made of elastic acrylic copolymer and imported auxiliaries. It is a three-dimensional structural pattern thick coating, which has the functions of waterproof, anti-crack and easy to clean and stain. Elastic brushing paint has a concave and convex texture and texture, which can repair cracks, highlight the effect of blood decoration, strong three-dimensional effect, abstract effect, pollution resistance and turbidity resistance. The color is rich and the color can be determined according to the design requirements.


Suitable for TV background, sofa background, bed background, porch background, restaurant background, as well as wall decoration for various commercial, entertainment, restaurants, hotels and other places. The surface of the masonry structure, such as concrete, bridge, brick-concrete structure, cement products, sand surface, and three-dimensional tread plate and gypsum board, fiberboard, ceiling, etc. can be painted, which can make the object to be bright and beautiful for a long time.

■Construction process

In the wall after the brushing is up to standard, the matching roughing powder is applied once again (interval more than 8 hours) - batch scraping matching leveling fine powder once (interval 24 hours) - dusting with 240# sandpaper - spraying or roller Apply the anti-alkali seal primer once (4 hours apart) - apply once in the elastic coating of the roll (24 hours apart) - roll the elastic top coat twice

■Theoretical dosage: 0.8kg/m2 for medium coating and 0.25kg/m2 for top coating

■Packing specification: 18kg/, 25kg/barrel

■Executive standard: JGT172-2014

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