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It has the color and texture effect of beautiful color stone; excellent weather resistance, no powdering, no discoloration, long-term protection of buildings; excellent stain resistance, making buildings last forever; environmental protection, light weight, safe and convenient construction For a variety of masonry structures, concrete and exterior insulation walls.

■ Construction process:

Scratch the flexible anti-cracking rubber powder on the wall after reaching the standard (interval more than 8 hours) - batch scraping with flexible anti-cracking rubber powder (interval 24 hours) - sanding with 240# sandpaper - elastic line (horizontal and vertical), brush with black line paint once (interval 24 hours), paste color separation stitching paper or roll coated with matching color stone colored primer twice (interval 24 hours) spray matching beauty stone topcoat Two times (interval 24 hours) - tear off the color separation paper - spray or roll with a beautiful color stone cover smooth oil again.

■Theoretical dosage: colored primer 0.3kg/m2, topcoat 0.7kg/m2

■Packing specification: top coat 19kg/barrel, face oil 18kg/bucket

■Executive standard: HG/4343-2012

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