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Granite paint

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Rich color selection can not only imitate the pattern and color of natural granite high-grade stone, but also combine innovation according to user requirements; use thick coating system to express the effect of granite smoldering surface, effectively enhance the surface simulation degree, bring back to nature Feeling; light weight, suitable for exterior decoration of exterior wall insulation, to meet the user's demand for stone aesthetics; weathering parts, excellent stain resistance, can compensate for small cracks on the wall surface, providing long-term protection for buildings; Water-based environmental protection, convenient construction, safe construction, safer use period, construction cost is far lower than natural granite, and can be compared with dry-hanging granite.


Applicable to the high-end style of the building, the high-rise apartment, the residential villa and other building walls, the decoration surface, is the best choice for the renovation of the old wall of the tile veneer to achieve the purpose of luxury decoration. Compared with the same area of granite marble, the product is only 10% of the weight of granite marble. It is especially suitable for the decoration of high-rise buildings, special-shaped Peibai, and thermal insulation.

■ Construction process:

On the wall after reaching the standard, scrape the matching leveling rubber powder once (8 hours or more intervals) - batch scraping with flexible anti-cracking rubber powder (24 hours apart) - grinding with 240# sandpaper - spraying or rolling Supporting anti-alkali sealing primer once (interval 4 hours) - elastic line division (horizontal vertical), brushed with black line paint all over (interval 24 hours), paste color separation hook paper, special spray gun spray matching imitation granite Painted twice a second interval) - spray matching imitation granite topcoat (interval 24 hours) - spray or roll coated with a matching granite-like glossy oil.

■Theoretical dosage: 2kg/m2 for medium coating, 0.5kg/m2 for top coat, 0.15kg/m2 for surface oil

■Packing specification: 35kg/barrel, 75kg/barrel

■Executive standard: HG/T4343-2012

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