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Marble paint

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Feng Palace's color choice can not only imitate the pattern and color of natural marble high-grade stone, but also can be combined and innovated according to users; use flat coating system to express the smooth realistic effect of marble; light weight, especially suitable for exterior insulation The veneer decoration meets the user's demand for stone aesthetics; weather resistance, stain resistance, fading resistance, good flexibility, can compensate for small cracks on the wall, provide long-term protection for buildings; water-based and environmentally friendly, convenient construction, It is safer in construction and safer in use period. The construction cost is far lower than that of natural marble, and it can be compared with dry hanging marble.


With the texture, luster, and texture of natural marble, the fidelity can be compared with natural marble, suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, office showrooms, corridors, elevators. Compared with the same area of granite marble, the product is only 10% of the weight of granite marble, which is especially suitable for the decoration of high-rise buildings, special-shaped walls and thermal insulation walls.

■ Construction:

On the wall after the brushing is up to standard, the matching roughing powder is applied once again (interval more than 8 hours) - batch scraping with flexible anti-cracking rubber powder (interval 24 hours) - grinding with 240# sandpaper - spraying or rolling Apply the anti-alkali seal primer once (interval 4 hours) - the elastic line (horizontal and vertical), brush and black line paint (interval 24 hours), paste color separation paper roll coating Imitation marble colored primer twice (interval 24 hours) - special spray gun spray matching marble imitation paint once (interval 24 hours) - spray or roll coated with matching marble cover smooth oil again.

■Theoretical dosage: colored primer 0.3kg/m2, topcoat 0.5kg/m2

■Packing specification: primer 20kg/barrel, top coat 19kg/barrel, face oil 18kg/barrel

■Executive standard: HG/T4343-2012

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