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Elastic sand wall paint

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It has the characteristics of strong plasticity and rich expressiveness, which can highlight the personality of the building and reflect the unique creativity of the designer; the elastic texture can compensate for the small cracks on the wall surface; the varnish is used to impart the water-repellent property of the paint film, effectively suppressing the pollutants. The attachment and penetration, through the rain, the paint film is white, keeping the appearance of the paint film lasting for a long time; the building with excellent weather resistance provides long-term protection; water-based environmental protection, convenient construction, safe construction and safer use period.


Suitable for plastering wall, plywood, stainless steel and other base surfaces. Widely used in European style villas, clubs, art galleries, European high-end apartments.

■ Construction process:

On the wall after the brush is up to standard, the matching roughing powder is applied once (8 hours or more intervals) and polished with 240 sandpaper - spray or smear with the elastic sand wall colored primer (4 hours apart) - scraping Coated with elastic sand wall paint in the middle of the coating (interval 24 hours) - spray or roll coated with stupid elastic sand wall paint oil again

■Theoretical dosage: medium coating 2.5kg/m2

■Packing specification: 35kg/barrel, 75kg/barrel

■Execution standard: JG/24-2000

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