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excellent performance texture stone paint

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■Product use: This product is applicable to the exterior wall decoration of conventional wall and profiled wall of all new buildings and existing buildings in the country.


1, colorful, different specifications of natural colored sand, forming a rich color combination and layered texture effect

2, the natural color of the colored sand guarantees the resistance and fading resistance of the coating, making the building new

3, it is waterproof and breathable, excellent in weather resistance and stain resistance, can make up for small cracks on the wall surface, and can provide long-term protection for buildings without covering

4, survived once, the construction is convenient and beautiful. Effectively save construction costs and time

■Execution standard: JG/T 24-2000

■Usage method: Apply the flexible anti-cracking rubber powder on the plastering wall after scraping all kinds of insulation system or plastering the wall surface (interval more than 8 hours) - batch scraping matching flexible anti-cracking glue Powder once (interval 24 hours) - sanding with 100# sandpaper - spraying or rolling a special colored primer (4 hours apart) - spraying QS fine stone paint again.

■Storage: The shelf life is 6 months, and it is stored in a cool, clean and dry place (above 5°C and below 35°C). This product is environmentally friendly, non-explosive, non-flammable, easy to carry and transport.

■Packing specification: primer 23kg/barrel QS fine stone paint 35kg/barrel

■ Note:

1. Stir well during use, sunscreen, antifreeze, and store at room temperature. It is not allowed to be applied in rainy days. It is not suitable for construction below 5 °C.

2. The surface of the finished object must meet the relevant national standards, dry, sturdy, smooth, clean, no voids, no dust, no oil, no loose matter, no water seepage, no new water walls (surface moisture content) Less than 10%, PH value less than 10), remove the floating ash before construction, before construction.

3. In the construction process, the supporting products of this product must be used. It is strictly forbidden to do so and strictly follow the procedures in the use method of this product, otherwise it will cause serious quality consequences.

4. After opening the can, pay attention to sealing, do not eat, touch the eyes and apply clean water in time for cleaning and treatment.

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