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Sand wall paint

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■Product use:

This product belongs to the invention patent product of QS graphite molding board (GEPS) insulation system which is developed by our company. It is applicable to the wall decoration of all new building walls in the country and the exterior wall decoration of the existing building reconstruction wall, passive house building, steel structure building and special-shaped wall enclosing structure.


1. It has the characteristics of strong plasticity and rich expressiveness, which can better reflect the personality of the building and reflect the unique creativity of the designer;

2. The elastic texture can compensate for the small cracks on the wall surface;

3. The varnish is used to impart the water-repellent property of the paint film, effectively inhibiting the adhesion and penetration of the pollutants. Through the rain, the paint film is self-cleaning, and the appearance of the paint film is kept new for a long time;

4. Excellent weather resistance, providing long-term protection for buildings;

5. It can enhance the function of heat insulation and reflection radiation of the decorative surface layer of thermal insulation board and wall enclosure structure, water-based environmental protection, convenient construction, safe construction and safer residence period.

■Executive standard: JG/T235-2014

■ How to use:

QS texture coating special powder for two times (interval more than 8 hours) in the surface of the QS graphite mold plate insulation system after painting or coating the surface of the coating layer (with an interval of more than 8 hours) - grinding with 100# sandpaper - spraying or Roll the coated sand wall colored primer once (interval 4 hours) - apply the coating in the sand wall paint twice (interval 24 hours) - spray or roll the matching sand wall paint cover.

■Storage: The shelf life is 6 months, and it is stored in a cool, clean and dry place (above 5°C and below 35°C). This product is environmentally friendly, non-explosive, non-flammable, easy to carry and transport.

■Packing specification: color primer 23kg/barrel medium coating 35kg/barrel cover topcoat 18kg/barrel

■ Note:

1. Stir well during use, anti-exposure, anti-rain, anti-freeze, storage at room temperature. It is not allowed to be applied in rainy days, the temperature is below 5 °C, and the humidity is above 85%.

2. The surface of the finished object must meet the relevant national standards, dry, sturdy, smooth, clean, no voids, no dust, no oil, no loose matter, no water seepage, no new water walls (surface moisture content) Less than 10%, PH value less than 10), remove the floating ash before construction, before construction.

3. In the construction process, the supporting products of this product must be used. It is strictly forbidden to do so and strictly follow the procedures in the use method of this product, otherwise it will cause serious quality consequences.

4. Since the color of the company's color card and the color of the product are made on different base materials, the light perception is different, so the color of the wall after the survival and the color on the color card, or the user are allowed. There is a slight color difference in the color of the sample.

5. After opening the can, pay attention to sealing, do not eat, touch the eyes and apply clean water in time for cleaning and treatment.

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