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Fine stone composite molding insulation board

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Construction technology and theoretical dosage: Insulation system containing bonding glue layer 4kg/m2 scraping once, 2cm insulation board, anchor 6/m2 once, plastering layer 5kg/m2 scraping twice, mesh cloth 1.2m/m2 once; the coating system consists of scraping and screeding coarse rubber powder 2kg/m2 twice, brushing black line paint 0.007kg/m2 once, roller coating matching colored primer 0.15kg/m2 once, scraping and coating 2.5kg /m2 two times, roll coating or spray varnish topcoat 0.12kg/m2 once;

The theoretical dosage of the above supporting products, due to the flatness of the wall, the operation of the construction workers, etc., the dosage error is allowed to be within 5% to 10%.

According to the physical samples handed by the user at the time of ordering, different varieties of colors can be produced in an unlimited manner, which is not limited by the quantity of time, and does not need to produce inventory products.

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